Have you gotten a taste of Fried Chicken ni Gloc-9 meme but thought you needed a context? You’ve come to the right place.

Meme culture has its cunning ways of making something absurdly funny out of the most random things. This October, memers have apparently decided to target the little creative gimmick by hip-hop icon Gloc-9 for his small online business.

I’m gonna be honest: the first time I came across the phrase fried chicken ni Gloc-9 as I scrolled mindlessly through my social media feed, I immediately associated it with something unwholesome. Without any idea what was going on behind the scenes, I made the false assumption that people were poking fun at an incident involving someone’s boyhood. Suffice it to say that I don’t make the best assumptions.

A quick dive into the increasingly popular phrase, I found out that it was, indeed, literally referring to Gloc-9’s fried chicken. For the unversed, the ‘Upuan’ hitmaker started an online business in June this year in which he sold his own fried chicken. With the pandemic affecting everyone’s source of income, people had to find ways to still make a living despite the limitations brought by quarantine protocols. The rap superstar was no different from us, regular people, who needed to adapt.

However, because he’s Gloc-9, he launched his fried chicken business with some creativity. On June 15, 2020, the rapper posted his self-made promotional video endorsing his product. Called ‘FRIED CHICKEN NI GLOC-9,’ it was a cooking video explaining how his fried chicken was made with the help of a jingle of his own creation.

Fried chicken ni gloc-9 (Talagang puwede)
Fried chicken ni gloc-9 (Sige lang sige)
Lutong panalo, ubod ng lutong
Sa sobrang sarap, kulang pati tutong
Fride chicken ni Gloc!

Made in the signature Gloc-9 fashion, the jingle is a collage of rap verses and a catchy, melodic chorus. The verses are dedicated to detailing the procedures needed to cook the fried chicken, starting from the preparation of ingredients, to the marination process, to the frying part. The choruses, on the other hand, are a catchy repetition of the line ‘Fried chicken ni Gloc 9’ that ends with a promise that even the burnt layer of rice inside the cooker will be relished.

The bored and creative humans of the internet took notice of this bop. Although it’s a bit overdue considering that the song had been released 4 months ago already, Fried Chicken ni Gloc-9 recently started to spawn different versions of it coming from our meme-loving folks. Now, the internet is seeing an influx of Fried Chicken ni Gloc-9-inspired content.

While the meme has and continues to mutate in a variety of forms– from photos, to copypasta, to videos– it’s the amusingly remixed versions of the jingle that are gaining the most attention. Check out some of these Fried Chicken ni Gloc-9 remixes that are sure to give you the laughs and the LSS.

Fried Chicken ni Gloc-9 x A local brand of soap from Nationalistic Maharlika Posting


Lo-Fried Chicken ni Gloc-9 by a YouTube content creator named rork


Fried Chicken ni Godzilla by a YouTuber content creator named G 0 R D Z


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