First We Feast is another youtube channel you should check out during quarantine

Hollywood actors, athletes, and other famous personalities being asked hot questions while eating even hotter chicken wings turn out to be a pretty spicy source of entertainment.

First We Feast is a foodie-culture magazine and channel on youtube popularized by their show called “Hot Ones.”

Hot Ones


Premiered in March 2015, Hot Ones is a talk show on a whole new level. Celebrity guests will face show host Sean Evans for a one-on-one interview over a platter of chicken wings, each piece accompanied by an increasingly spicy hot sauce. As the show moves along, they will proceed from one level of Scoville to another. Scoville is a measuring unit for the spiciness of chili peppers. Guests are also provided with water and milk to lessen the effects of the sauces.

For each wing, Sean Evans will ask guests an interview question until they reach the final sauce called The Last Dab (Scoville unit: 2,000,000+). Due to its immense spiciness, guests are given the option not to take it, as they’ve already begun displaying discomfort during the previous levels. Those who dared to continue but failed are put in the show’s Hall of Shame.

From Chef Gordon Ramsey, Billie Eilish, to Zac Efron and many more!

Countless Hollywood celebrities have taken the challenge. Kristen Bell, the actor behind Frozen’s Anna, came to the point of discussing morality while suffering the hellish spunginess of the chicken. Even Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsey could not take the heat, as you could see him tearing up at the later part of his guesting. Young stars Billie Eilish and Maisie Williams also did not pass up the challenge. The most recent episode features Justin Timberlake, crying “a river while eating spicy wings.” 


Impressive interview

What’s exceptional about the show is the fact that the team behind it has clearly done their research. Sean Evans, the host and interviewer, asks the most unique questions that really put the celebrities to the test and– at the same time– pave the way for profound and juicy discourses. Of course, things get a little more intense with the help of the spicy sauces, as you could see the changes in how the guests behave and respond. With the pain-inducing sauces turning their faces red and entirely messing them up, they usually just spit out the most honest answers they could give to end the conversation quickly.

The quarantine has been extended, and so has been our need for entertainment. Rest assured that Hot Ones, which has over 11 seasons now, can cover a big part of your isolation time. (Related: Positive Things You Can Do During Corona Quarantine)

How are you dealing with the lockdown boredom?

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