Eng Bee Tin’s Cheese Tikoy, And Other Flavors To Try!

Chinese New Year is coming soon, and y’all know what that means… TIKOY!

And since 2020 is the year of the Rat, the arrival of Eng Bee Tin’s Cheese Tikoy is just in time!

Chinese New Year is almost upon us! And endless stalls of merchants selling Tikoy are popping up everywhere! So for those of you who are unaware of what Tikoy is, we’ve got you covered! Tikoy is a classic Chinese New Year dish. And it’s otherwise known as Nian Gao, which roughly translates to year cake. It’s a delicacy that’s mostly made of glutinous rice flour and is traditionally served and eaten for good luck on CNY.

And in the Philippines, it’s commonly prepared in one of two ways! Either sliced, dipped in egg, and fried. Or sliced, wrapped in rice paper, and fried. But either way, it turns out sweet and delicious!

So since 2020 is the year of the rat, the classic Chinese deli has come out with a new flavor, Eng Bee Tin’s Cheese Tikoy! And we can already see how the sweet flavor of Tikoy will pair with the subtle saltiness of cheese! Because Eng Bee Tin’s Cheese Tikoy actually comes with real shredded cheese!

But did you know that Eng Bee Tin has other delicious flavors of Tikoy? Like Strawberry, Pandan, and even Corn! So if you haven’t quite decided what flavor to get this CNY, why not give these a try:

*Photo Credit: Yummy.PH

Tikoy Muscovado

Now since Tikoy is very sweet, there are now “lite” versions of it available for those who are watching their blood sugar. But since, Muscovado is unrefined sugar it’s found to be healthier to consume than white refined sugar.

Tikoy Strawberry

You can also consider Tikoy as a sort of Chinese version of a Japanese Mochi. So it would only make sense that it can sport the classic flavor of strawberry, right? So if you’re looking for a refreshing dessert this CNY, the strawberry flavor is the one we recommend!

Tikoy Ube

It’s a known Filipino fact that we’re sort of obsessed anything Ube. So it’s only natural, that we would have Ube flavored Tikoy too! Now, this flavor isn’t anything new. But we wanted to include it nonetheless. (Because Ube…)

Tikoy Corn

Now, corn flavored Tikoy is definitely new. And if you didn’t grow up in the Philippines, this may sound really weird. But as a Filipino, you would know that corn flavored snacks are a legit thing. And they are good! So we’re going to give this one the benefit of the doubt! Let us know if you’ve tried it and what you think!

Tikoy Pandan

And finally, Pandan flavored Tikoy! This particular flavor isn’t very strong. In fact, we’d have to say that this is very similar in taste to the original Tikoy. The only differing factor is that it has the aromatic and distinct smell of Pandan, which makes it really appetizing TBH.

Overall, there are many options to choose from! And personally, we’re looking forward to trying the cheese Tikoy! It just sounds like it would taste really good wrapped in rice paper and fried! So it’s sort of like cheese sticks and Tikoy in one!

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So will you be trying Eng Bee Tin’s Cheese Tikoy? Or maybe one of their other new flavors? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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