Great snacks by the beach to complete the summer relaxation? Why not!

A trip to the beach will never be complete without some snacks to chew on while admiring the beautiful waves and maybe watching the sunset by the shore. If it’s accessible and it’s delicious, tell me about it! We’re all for good food, good company, and good times. We found you some refreshing and filling summer treats you can eat by the beach because… no one wants to hit the waves on an empty stomach!

Coconut Ice Cream in Boracay

Coconut is a flavor that’s very common and native for us Filipinos. I remember eating coconut ice pops my mother used to buy me when I was a kid (complete with coconut strips and mung beans). It’s so nostalgic! I guess we can say that the one in Boracay is a glammed up version of those. It’s a flavor so familiar to us but taken to another level. Plus, it’s vegan (dairy-free) but still delicious!

You can grab this delicious treat served in a coconut shell at Coco Mama in Boracay.

Halo-Halo with Watermelon in Siargao

Bianca King has tried this, but it is not the most special thing about this halo-halo. Instead of shaved ice, they use watermelon blended with ice. I mean, halo-halo is already good on its own, but to serve it with a twist like this takes it up a higher notch.

This is only available in Harana Surf Resort, Siargao. If you plan on getting it, go early because this runs out fast!

Grilled Cheese, Drunken Beef Sandwich in La Union

I think we can all agree that everything is better with cheese. But what about creamy, melty cheese on a toast? My mouth is watering at just the thought. This sandwich is all of that, but it’s much more. Just imagine beef ribs slow-cooked in beer (now that’s a meal we like!) with a side of pickles. It’s the perfect thing to get for when you’re strolling down the beach and suddenly get tummy rumbles.

If you’re ever in La Union, visit El Union restaurant and get this sandwich. You won’t regret it!

Falafel Wrap in El Nido

Falafel is fried dough food and this one 24/7 roadside store in El Nido offers some exceptional ones! It’s crunchy, it’s spicy, and it’s filling! You should definitely try these if ever you find yourself in El Nido. You can find the store in Buena Suerte.

Bikong Batangas in Batangas

If you live anywhere in the Philippines, I can almost guarantee you’ve had a “biko” once or more times in your life. Biko is made with sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and mixed with brown sugar, and it is everywhere in the country. No one ever asks where it originated because almost everyone in this country eats rice. I don’t even remember when I started eating biko, I just remember that one, it’s very filling. Second, we always have it with pancit and three, I love it! This one biko is special because they serve it at a food festival on fun and colorful sticks. I’d want to call it “biko pops” because they resemble ice pops a lot, but the locals call it “Bikong Batangas” (because they are locally made).

You can get these treats in Matabungkay, Batangas. It’s certainly a perfect go-to snack that you can carry and eat while walking.

I’m hungry already! Which of these summer treats would you eat on your next beach trip? Let us know in the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!