There’s a new Ube treat in town you can add to your ube-session list! Say hello to Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Sponge Cake!

Ube and cheese combinations have been an unbeatable duo in Filipino cuisine for a long time. From the classic Ube and cheese sorbetes, to more modern variations such as the Ube and cheese pandesal, and Auntie Anne’s Ube Cheese Bites. It’s definitely a staple combination that will stay for generations to come. 

And now, Ah Mah, a well-known Singapore based brand has set up shop here in the Philippines. And have adapted their flavors to suit Filipino tastes. Enter, Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Sponge Cake!

Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Spongecake

Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Sponge Cake


Their Ube Cheese Sponge Cake is made with locally-sourced halaya, giving it the classic sweet Ube taste we adore. It also has a layer of melted cheese at the bottom. And is generously sprinkled with grated cheese on the top. Completing the slightly sweet and salty combination that we’ve known to love.

But there are other flavors too!

There’s more to Ah Mah than just their Ube Cheese Sponge Cake. They also offer other flavors such as the Original Sponge Cake, Ube Sponge Cake, Pandan Sponge Cake, and even a Calamansi Sponge Cake!

Their Calamansi Sponge Cake, on the other hand, is similar to the flavor profile of a lemon sponge cake. So if you like desserts that have a sweet yet tangy taste, give the Calamansi Sponge Cake a try!


So if you want to give Ah Mah’s Ube Cheese Sponge Cake a try, head on over to a branch near you! Ah Mah has branches at the 3rd Floor of Robinsons Magnolia or at the Sky Garden in SM North Edsa!

For more information, head on over to their official Facebook page.

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