FOOD: 24 Chicken is taking over the Metro!

Fried chicken joint 24 Chicken now taking over the Metro as they announce an upcoming branch in Makati!

24 Chicken is the name of a chicken joint famous for their affordable, portable, and delicious servings of fried chicken. And when we say delicious, TRUST US, it’s heavenly!

Usually coated in different rich flavors, 24 Chicken’s chicken is famous among Thomasians. Unsurprisingly, it was because their very first branch was located along the Padre Noval street just outside the walls of the University of Santo Tomas.

On their Facebook, you could also see that they have already been featured on different TV shows and on YouTube channels. Because again, trust us, their chicken is just mukbang-worthy. 

Through the opening of four more branches, it was also brought to more people like the Green Archers and soon, to the working class of Makati as 24 Chicken announces an upcoming branch.

We are not excited, you are!

Mouth-watering menu

If you are not familiar yet with this “taking over the metro” food joint, it’s aight. Take a crash course of 24 Chicken 101 with us as we show you why we love it.

Our personal favorite flavor is their SPICY Korean Yangnyeom chicken. You can also make it even spicier with Yangnyeom x2! Because you can never go wrong with a little bit more heat. *wink*

If you want to go classic though, there is always the original – just fried – chicken.

We are literally swooning over that beauty right now.

Here are more pictures because we just can’t get enough of it. We also know you want some.

And just so you know, they have a lot more flavors and their affordable servings come with rice and some with garlic.

Look at their menu below!

They also have a delivery service, but it is available only within a certain scope that they have set around each of their branches which you can see on the photos uploaded on their Facebook page.

If fortunately, you are near a 24 Chicken branch or within their scope of delivery, then go ahead and try it if you want!

More branches, pwease?

Unfortunately for us at U Do U, we are located here in Quezon City. Aside from being a few kilometers away from the nearest branch, we are also too far for the delivery guys. 🙁

Funnily enough, we share the same sentiments with a lot of netizens. As you can see below, a lot of people are demanding for a branch near their home or workplace.

Same feels guys, same.

Have you tried eating at 24 Chicken? Where do you want their next branch to be? Let us know through the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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