Looking for ways to take your Instagram stories game to the next level, aesthetic wise? Don’t worry, sis! We got you covered!

With the new feature of “stories” on Instagram, you may have seen Insta-stories which are definitely on their A-game. Admit it, whenever we see those ridiculously aesthetic stories we often ask ourselves, “How the eff do they even do that?

You may even find yourself downloading apps that you’d think will give you what you need. BUT WAIT JUST A SECOND. What if we say you can beautify your stories on Instagram itself? Yeah. You definitely heard it right!

Well, if you’re like us and you want to take your Instagram stories another step further, we’ve listed some tips that will definitely blow your mind and that you’ll be surely copping! Check it out:

#1 – Layer different texts

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One mistake Instagram users often make is that they don’t effectively use the features that are already on Instagram. For example, you can create many texts with different colors and layer them as much as you want to create that drop-shadow effect and to give your stories–you know–more pizzaz!

#2 & #3 – Copy and paste your photos! Use a solid background!

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If you’re an iPhone user, well lucky you, there’s an option to copy and paste photos on your Instagram stories! First, you have to open your Instagram app and take any photo you like. Then open your Photos application, then select the photo you want to copy. After choosing one, click the icon with the arrow and box on the lower left of the picture then choose “Copy”. Now, go back to your Instagram and a box with the photo you copied will appear. Voila!

What would make this feature much better is by making a solid color as your background to create an aesthetic color scheme? Just take a photo from your Instagram story then pick a color and use the brush tool to repaint all over the taken photo. You can use this as a border when you use the copy and paste feature. Easy as 1-2-3! 

#4 – Mix fonts

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Type the caption you want separately to give a more stunning effect to viewers. For the first line, you can use the “strong” font then maybe glam it up by clicking the beautify button on the upper-left corner. There’s a lot of fonts to choose from like “classic”, “modern”, “neon”, and “typewriter”. But keep in mind that only some fonts have the beautify option. For this one, it really depends on you. You can choose as many colors ou want. Let the artist in you go wild!

#5 – Use the brush and eraser tool

If you’re lazy, this option is not for you. But for the sake of your Instagram popularity, get your hands moving!!! Choose any photo you want for your story then use the brush to create a spiral effect (or any effect you wany} around the center object of your photo. Then use the erase tool to blend the drawing with the photo.

What do you think of our tips to level up your Instagram stories? Will you be copping it? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.