How do some people make it seem so easy to stay fit despite being busy? To solve this baffling mystery, we have for you today, Sarah Carlos on Balancing Career and Fitness!

We got one of the finest talents in the entertainment industry to share with us her fitness journey and to give us some tips. Get to know more about this talent and Sarah Carlos on balancing career and fitness right here!

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Get to know Sarah Carlos

This 24-year-old beaut is a Filipina actress. Sarah Carlos is well-known for her role as Bea Bianca in the hit TV series ‘Pangako Sa’yo’ with Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. The talented actress graduated from San Beda University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. Aside from acting, she is also a host, radio DJ, and a social media influencer.

You may ask with all these things that are keeping her busy, does she have time to do anything else? Matter of fact, yes! She finds time to enjoy and relax through playing video games, spring cleaning around her house, and makeup. Oh, and she also makes sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Whaaaat? How does she manage?” We have the same sentiments!

This super girl has the work ethic of Michelle Obama and the strength of well, Michelle Obama. She is simply incredible and she was kind enough to share her fitness journey with us.

Sarah Carlos on balancing career and fitness

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The Monster Radio RX 93.1 DJ said that she was influenced by her now ex-boyfriend back in 2015 to work out. Her drive to go to the gym then was to spend more time with her (ex) boyfriend, but later on, she found herself falling in love with the gym life.

When they broke up it was a huge challenge for her because… she didn’t have a gym buddy anymore (Boy, u thought huh? Kidding). He was the one who taught her what to do in the gym and even though she learned so much from the guy, it wasn’t enough. She needed more knowledge in terms of structure and exercises and to control herself from overeating food she was too guilty to eat before. But regardless, she was thankful she went through those because it drove her to become who she is today.

Sarah then pursued her fit lifestyle. She works out almost every day, the only exemption is when her schedule is full for the day. When asked if she was following a training program she answered:
“Yes, I do. At this point, I need something I can simply follow so that I can use my energy on work.”
She also follows a ketogenic vegetarian diet. The gym buff also shared that her fitspirations are Whitney Simmons and Naturally Stefanie.

Tips you should keep in mind!

We asked the golden question on how she is able to balance being fit and her career despite the busy sched, she responded with this:
I signed up at a gym that’s open 24 hours and I just made a commitment to it. To be honest, whenever I get asked this question, I never really know how to answer it. Because I just do it. 
Her advice to those who aspires to have the same lifestyle as her is this:
Sign up at a gym that’s open 24/7. Hire a coach. Be strict with yourself. And know that it’s not going to be easy but power through it anyway. Listen to motivational speeches and above all else, HAVE A GOAL. You need to know what you’re working towards for you to know how to achieve it.  “

You got that right, the key to balancing career and fitness is to commit to it and just do it! Seems simple but it takes a lot of drive and discipline to be in this state but once you get to that point it’ll be worth it cause you’ll most probably end up like Sarah, enjoying a lot of energy and just feel so happy all the time. Keep yourself motivated, set a goal and never stop ’til you achieve it.

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