You may assume that with the lifestyle that revolves around DJs, how can they possibly stay healthy and fit? Well, you’ll be surprise that some of them actually prioritizes to take care of their bodies. Here’s the list of fittest male Filipino DJs.

Partying, dancing, and drinking all through the night. That’s how people may depict the life of a DJ. Some may question, how can they possibly keep a healthy lifestyle? Well, they can and they have. Check out the fittest male Filipino DJs!

Ron Poe

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Ron Poe is the son of the late King of Philippine Movies, Fernando Poe Jr. He and his sisters Lovi and Grace took on different roads and his choice was the field of music specifically DJing. He was dubbed as the most creative EDM and Open format DJ in the Manila. The 2013 Club DJ of the Year, despite his hectic schedule, is very consistent in going to the gym to keep himself physically fit.

Tohid Ajdani

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Tohid Ajdani is a Mercator model, talented DJ, and fitness enthusiast. He’s played in the biggest clubs in the Metro. Juggling his modeling and DJing career, he manages to maintain his god-like body through working out regularly. Don’t believe us? Go through his Instagram. Oh, and you’re welcome.

Mars Miranda

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Mars Miranda is one of the big DJ names in the country. He is also a father of two beautiful children. Although it may seem difficult to balance his career and his family life, the veteran DJ seems to manage very well since he is also able to keep a healthy lifestyle. The daddy DJ exercises through biking with his Specialized PH designed bike.

John Sedano

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This 27-year-old stud is an amazing record producer and talented DJ. John Sedano played in the biggest music festivals in the country and has been recognized by the biggest DJs in the PH such as Ace Ramos, Marc Marasigan, and Katsy Lee. Despite playing many gigs and staying up late partying the musical talent still manages to keep himself in shape.

Marx Monterola

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Marx Monterola a.k.a MVRXX is an experienced DJ who opened for huge acts such as NGHTMRE and Marshmello when they performed here in Manila. Despite his frenzied schedule, it is evident that the musical artist gives priority to keeping his body fit and healthy because… we mean, look at those guns.

We salute these amazing artists that regardless of how frantic their life maybe because of their careers and other endeavors they do not forget to keep their health in check.

Our fittest male Filipino DJs are pretty awesome, right? Did you agree with our list? Did we miss anyone you think should be part of it? Let us know down the comment section below! Or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh