I can quote a lot of lyrics and song titles for this one but I’m going to stick with beauty and the beat then add sexiness to that cause these girls definitely has all three. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Philippine’s Fittest Female Filipino DJs!

It’s great to party, yeah? It’s fun to dance around while enjoying a drink in hand with your friends, yeah? Yeah! Especially when the DJ is hot af! It gets you more in the zone. Luckily, we have tons of sizzling female DJs in the country who despite the expeditiousness of their lifestyle, still manages to keep themselves fit and sexy! So join me as we list down these female DJ hotties.

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Jennifer Lee

Awarded as the country’s first ALIW Awards’ Best DJ, we can’t imagine how busy this DJ stunner must be. Jennifer Lee headlined in a lot of music festivals in the Philippines and is one of the most respectable DJs in the country. She’s achieved so much in her career that makes me question “How the heck does she manage to keep that bodacious body?!”. The Pioneer DJ Philippines Ambassador, despite her very busy schedule, keeps her body in check through eating healthy (since she’s also a chef. What can’t this woman do?) and regular exercise.

Patty Tiu

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The fierce Patty Tiu a.k.a Deuce is a big name in the DJ industry. She started her DJ career back in 2011 and has been killing the game ever since. She’s been controversial too because of her sexuality, she’s a proud bisexual and is now engaged to co-DJ MK Thompson. The LGBTQ advocate is strong in fighting for what she believes in which is extremely admirable. She’s also dedicated to keeping herself fit and has been leading cycling classes and working out consistently.

Sanya Smith

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Daughter of rock legend, Joey “Pepe” Smith, Sanya Smith is a force to be reckoned with in the music, entertainment, and fashion industry. She’s a model, VJ, and DJ (together with Ornusa Cadness in their duo, The Zombettes) and fitness aficionado. This energetic FHM model juggles all her endeavors like a pro because regardless of the demand of her work she manages to keep in shape.

Ashley Rivera

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The name “Petra Mahalimuyak” should ring a bell bakos dat is wat Ashley Rivera is known for initially. The actress, Youtuber, and DJ back in 2012 started Youtube channel, where she makes videos exaggerating the Filipino accent out of boredom and it blew up. Her talent was then recognized by GMA and signed her as an artist. Eventually, her passion for music drove her to start a career in DJing and she’s been slaying it in that field too. If you look at this gal’s resume you’d say that it pretty vexing, but the girl wonder doesn’t let this stop her from keeping her body snatched!

Arra Pascual

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This jet-setter DJ, Arra Pascual, has shared her musical talent all over Asia and other parts of the world in huge clubs like Armani/Prive in Burj Khalifa and Warehouse in Le Meridien, Dubai. Aside from her booming DJ career, she’s also doing amazing with modeling as she graced the cover of Playboy Magazine. With that being said it is no surprise that this lady’s body is a killer and she does a great job at maintaining it!

Did that make you want to party some more or what?! Check out these ladies in their gigs as they drop sick beats while making your jaw drop with their beautiful faces and snatched body!

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