FITNESS: Fitness Apps to help you stay fit this 2019

You want to pursue a healthier way of life? Well, new year, new you, right? But it’s going to be hella difficult to stand by that. So I’ve compiled a list of fitness apps to help you stay fit this 2019!

If you’re planning to stay fit, download some of these apps to help you on your fitness journey. Most of these lets you track your progress and some will help you workout in the comfort of your own home or anywhere really. So if you want to learn more about these fitness apps, keep on reading!

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Nike Training Club

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Nike Training Club is an amazing fitness app that you can use to find workout plans that are perfect for your fitness goal. You can choose between the categories “Get Lean”, “Get Toned”, and “Get Strong”. People have been raving about the app since its release a couple of years ago because with just a tap on your smartphone, you get to access professional fitness plans and you even have a sufficient amount of guidance to help you course through them. Plus, you get to share your fitness journey with other fitness enthusiasts who are members of the club! Right now, the most recent version is the 5.18.0 and it’s rated 4.8/5 in the App Store.


  1. 100+ workouts
  2. Instructional videos and audios by Nike Trainers
  3. Personalized Training Plans
  4. Activity Journal
  5. Can connect to Apple Watch and FitBit

Daily Yoga

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Are you more inclined to Yoga? No problem! There’s also an app for you! Daily Yoga is the perfect yoga app where you can access 100+ yoga and meditation classes (take a shot every time you read “yoga”). In the app, you can also track your progress because there is a section where you can input your personal data. Just like NTC, Daily Yoga (take a… ginger shot! Stay healthy people!) also has a community of Yoga lovers and in the app, they share their yoga (don’t worry, you won’t get drunk with ginger shots. But it’s advisable to take only 3 shots per day so you’re good for today!) knowledge, experience, and progress. Do you know what else is cool? If you’re looking for relaxing jams for your meditation, Daily Yoga has that in-app too! The newest version available is 7.6.00 and it is rated 4.8/5 in the app store.


  1. 100+ Yoga and Meditation Classes
  2. In-app Meditation Music
  3. Personal Data Section
  4. Biggest Yoga Community
  5. Audio Coaching
  6. Can connect to Apple Watch and FitBit


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They said that being fit is 80% healthy eating and 20% workout, so it’s important that you keep track of what you eat if you’re all about that healthy living. MyFitnessPal is an app that allows you to keep your food intake in check. It will compute the total amount of calories and other nutrition components you need to consume in a day and it’ll help you stay within your allowance via the food diary.

The food diary is where you input the food you eat during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time and the nutrition facts of the food will appear, then you get to know how much more of a certain nutrition component you can consume for the day. How do they do this? Well, they have a food database with 300,000,000 food items in it and you can get the info by typing the food name in or if it’s in packaging, just scan the bar code. Cool, right? I know, I use it! They even have the nutrition facts of Choco Mucho (not that that’s all I eat everyday guys. I try to eat healthy too! Kbye). You get to see your progress and you can even read through different fitness articles on the home tab. It’s most current version is 18.12.0 and it’s rated 4.7/5 in the app store.


  1. Food Diary
  2. Food database with 300,000,000 food items
  3. Discussion Forum
  4. Fitness Community
  5. Can connect to Apple Watch and FitBit


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TRX will be your digital suspension trainer. In the app, you get to access 80 different workouts to keep your body fit and healthy. Professional TRX trainers will also guide you through your workouts and give you real-time feedback. There are also available TRX merch to help you work out wherever you please! You can check out their store in the app. The training tools have a 1-year warranty and have a hassle-free return process. Aside from suspension classes, you can also find different workouts such as yoga, hiit, and cycling. The most recent version released for this app is 8.12.3 and it’s rated 4.3/5 in the app store.


  1. 80 different workouts
  2. Fitness Community
  3. World-class trainers
  4. Customizable workout playlist
  5. Can connect to Apple Watch and FitBit

By the way, all the apps mentioned are free to download and are available in both Android and IOS. Hooray!

Hopefully, this list of fitness apps to help you stay fit this 2019 was informative and helpful. Were you able to choose which one to use? Do you have other suggestions? Let us know down the comment section below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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