Today, it’s easier to meet new people and find friends because of the technology. The old-fashioned ways still work though and we recommend everyone to try it first.

Face-to-face meetings are still the best way to make new friends since you’ll both be able to see facial expressions and other physical cues. However, this doesn’t mean that apps should be shunned immediately.

Start Meeting People, Making New Friends Now

Go to Bars and Pubs

Just like how Ted and Barney meet new people in “How I Met Your Mother,” you can also make new friends by going to bars and pubs. We have a list of the best bars in the Metro complete with live music to set you in the mood.

Of course, you can still tag along with your barkada so you’ll have wingmen (or wingwomen) by your side. If you are an introvert, we recommend going out with close friends first to get a feel of the environment.

Go to the Gym

This item can bring you two benefits: one is you’ll surely meet new friends or gym buddies; two is that you’ll get to work on improving your physical fitness and overall health. It’s a win-win situation as long as you don’t just join the gym to meet hotties and not work out at all.

If you are shy because you’re out of shape, that should be a better reason to go to the gym in the first place. We’re not pressuring you, but it pays to invest in your health for the long run (pun intended).

Go to Concerts and Events

One of the best ways to make new friends with common interests is to go to a concert. For instance, the recent Coldplay in Manila concert surely has the band’s’ fans as the audience.

Strike a conversation before or after the band plays. Ask them what’s their favorite song that the band played during their set. If you or they are brokenhearted, “Fix You” can be an appropriate theme song.

We have a list of weekly gigs that you can go to. They are updated every week so stay tuned!


If meeting people at clubs and bars is not your cup of tea, there might be kinder people at shelters. PAWS (The Philippine Animal Welfare Society) accepts volunteers that want to help them take care of the dogs and cats that have mostly been abandoned or abused by their former owners.

It’s also another way of finding people that have the same common interest: loving animals. Checkout the volunteer post for PAWS to see what role fits you


This item is kind of expensive to do alone, but there are some travel organizers/agencies that can handle solo travellers, or joiners as they call them, for a budget price. Who knows, the new people you meet during your travels will be your friends for life.

Lakwatseras handles local travels and ensures that no single joiner is left behind. Sacrifice a couple days of your favorite Venti coffee at Starbucks for a day or two of adventure with new friends.

The UDOU PH team will be going to Laboracay. See you there!

Use Social Media and Apps

Technology can be an advantage if used correctly. There are a lot of apps today that can help you meet new people and find friends online.

Event apps such as SongKick and Eventbrite can help you find meetups or gigs. There are also a lot of dating apps (that aren’t Tinder) that can net you a network of new friends or find “the one” for you.

Be Safe Out There

Parents often remind us not to talk to strangers, but that’s basically how we can make friends. Still, always be on the side of caution. Don’t just get in the car of someone you barely know or trust. Always meet in public places and not sleazy motels (unless that’s your thing).

Photo taken from ochoquincemag