The internet is going nuts for Zendaya at the Emmy’s! Check out her stunning look for the purple carpet right here!

Our eyes don’t deserve this gift, but she went and delivered anyway! Zendaya is trending worldwide on Twitter because of her stunning Poison Ivy-esque look on the Emmy’s purple carpet today! Even other celebrities like Tyra Banks are tweeting about her! As well as official pages like E!, MTV, and even Hulu!

Zendaya could punch me in the face and I’d still apologize for being in the way of her fist

We don’t know about taking a blow to the face, but yeah. That’s how stunned people are by her right now. Anyone who’s anyone is tweeting about how gorgeous Zendaya looks in her emerald Vera Wang Gown. And even other celebrities are just stunned with her purple carpet slay-fest! Check out more of the tweets in celebration of Zendaya below:

Even page accounts are risking off-brand tweets because that’s how gorgeous Zendaya is!

Although this Twitter user ought to do his research a little bit. Because Zendaya actually does have modeling experience. And the boss lady of America’s Next Top Model herself approves of Zendaya working that leg!

And just when you thought that nothing could get better than this, she goes and…

Zendaya stealing hearts worldwide in just one night, everyone! Imagine what she could do with a whole show. But wait, she does star in a TV series:


Image result for euphoria poster

Black Nerd Problems

In case you weren’t aware, Zendaya actually stars in a TV show powered by HBO right now. It’s called ‘Euphoria’ and in fact, it actually just got the green light for a second season. But as to why it wasn’t included in the list of nominations for this year’s Emmy’s. It’s because it missed the mark for being included in this year’s nominations list by just two weeks. Along with Stranger Things Season 3. So hopefully we may see it next year. So just in case, you’re interested in catching up with Euphoria you can watch the trailer right here:


On a side note, do you know why the committee for this year’s Emmy’s decided to change the traditional red carpet? That’s because they wanted it to become more regal. And so they chose purple. We love it though. Because Zendaya totally looked more regal having a purple background. And we’ve officially reached our quota of fangirling today!

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