Forever 21 is having its annual mega sale event. And this could be your last chance to cop some mega deals from Forever 21!

So it looks like your wallets will be crying after next weekend. Because Forever 21 is having its annual mega sale event. You better hope payday comes in early. As it may be your last chance to cop some mega deals from Forever 21. Why you ask?

A last-ditch effort?

So by now most of us are aware that Forever 21 is in dire financial constraints. Because rumours have been floating around that they may be filing for bankruptcy real soon. And that Ariana Grande slapped them with a 10 million dollar lawsuit. Not to mention that it has already closed 15,000 stores in the US. And it could be closing 75,000 more stores in the near future. So we wouldn’t be surprised that Forever 21 could be pulling out of the Philippine market sometime soon as well.

But since a lot of us shop online these days, physical stores really have it stacked against them. And we’re only talking about the ones who are not in debt. So if Forever 21 really does file for bankruptcy, it could give them the chance to start over. And maybe they’ll choose to be smart and shift to an online platform this time.

Forever 21 Mega Sale

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So before they do decide to pull out of the Philippine market, might as well take advantage of their mega sale. Because why not? If there’s anything we wouldn’t miss out on, it’s a chance to take advantage of some mega deals. The huge sale will be happening on September 27-29 at the Megatrade Hall 2 and October 3-6 at SMX Manila. And who knows, this may be the last big sale they’ll have.

People are calling the fall of Forever 21 the “Fashion Apocalypse” as they were the leading brand when it came to fast-fashion. And although Forever 21’s taste in style has declined over the years. They still manage to produce some cute looks we still love to look out for. So in the end, we’re still sad for them. But in this day and age, it might sound harsh, but they’re replaceable.

Will you be attending Forever 21’s annual mega sale event? And do you think they might be pulling out of the Philippine market as well? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.