Missed your favorite stars at the MET Gala? Here are our top picks of outfits that turned heads in the event!

“Camp: Notes on Fashion”—this was the theme of the 2019 Met Gala. Every year Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts the Costume Institute Gala to open its famous exhibit. If you expected stars to go out into the carpet bringing tents, sleeping bags, and some marshmallows for smores, you absolutely expected wrong! No judgment, we were also confused when we first heard of the theme. Turns out, it was referencing Susan Sontag’s essay in 1964 entitled Notes on “Camp”  which defined the word as “its love of the unnatural, of artifice and exaggeration.” And it isn’t even measured with beauty, but “in terms of the degree of artifice, of stylization.”

When we talk about stylization and exaggeration, Met Gala is the unleashing of the wild animal that is fashion. Hundreds of stars gather every year wearing their best idea of the theme, and this year’s ball was not an exception. I know you’re all waiting to see the looks, so here are our top picks for the looks that stole our hearts at the Met Gala!

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller’s look for Met Gala is one that would make you dizzy. For an entrance, Ezra wore a pinstriped suit and an embezzled corset. He even had a black and white pair of blinged out Oxford shoes. What’s really interesting about this look is the makeup. He walked in holding a mask to his face, and then pulled it away to reveal 5 extra sets of eyes! The illusion which was hyperrealistic as to create an illusion was by Mimi Choi. This is certainly an unforgettable look.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga must have heard the word “camp” and immediately went “Oh, yes.” We all know that she lives for it! The performer has been known for her style, and she certainly did not disappoint. I think she might have won the Met Gala because she came to make the headlines! I mean, the other outfits were nice and all, but they weren’t wearing 4 outfits like she was. Yup, you read it right! Four. Outfits. Gaga was probably choosing what to wear for the event and was like “I couldn’t choose, I’ll just wear them all!” Kidding aside, let us walk you through how each of her outfits unfolded.

She first walked in wearing a hot pink cape gown. Some said that Lady Gaga might have taken the theme literally and brought her own tent, but we saw the purpose of it later on. Nonetheless, we still think you and four other people could fit under all that fabric. That’s 25 ft of hot pink! Trailed by her dancers, stylist, and official photographer, Lady Gaga revealed another black corseted gown from under the cape gown. The black gown looked elegant and she carried the outfit with a matching black umbrella. While she was applying lipstick, the gown unzipped into another gown (and yes, it’s pink)! This is a gown-ception, you guys. She posed for photos with a *very* chunky telephone with matching black glasses.

However, the real deal is when Lady Gaga stripped down to nothing but panties and bra… made of crystals. Nothing screams “controversial” than wearing underwear to a pink carpet event, but hey, it’s made of crystals.

Cardi B

Cardi B is might as well be the mother of all things extra, and for this year’s Met Gala with the theme “camp”, she’s not about to come underdressed. She seems to like the color red a lot. Remember when she wore that red ruffly dress for the Harper Bazaar? This year, she is wearing a vampy version of the same color, only this time, the red dress is GIGANTIC. And it’s so pillowy, it looks like you can actually sleep on it. I wonder how much that stuff weighs, but it’s all for camp’s sake! Some even joke that Cardi actually wore the entire red carpet, and I think we can all agree that the train on that dress is larger than life!


Zendaya walked the carpet looking cute! But it turns out that wasn’t all! The dress was inspired by Cinderella, I think most of us could tell by now, but what happened on that carpet was the real Cinderella moment! The singer walked in wearing a pretty dress, but it was grey and colorless, reminiscent of Cinderella’s lentil-picking days. It looked like it could certainly use some fairy godmother magic. And with a bippity boppity boo from her stylist, the dress started to illuminate! Talk about being extra!

Jared Leto

This was one of the looks that scared me at first. The Joker actor walked into the ball wearing a red Gucci dress adorned with shiny stones. And, don’t get me wrong, it’s a magnificent dress. But the focus wasn’t in the dress at all! Jared carried a model of his own head as a purse! He said it’s a nod to the label’s runway show, where the models carried heads. And you might think it would scare people off, but no, everyone actually wanted a picture with it! The head had so much fun that night, but where do you think it will end up after the Met Gala?

Katy Perry

You’d always expect Katy Perry to be fun, from her music videos to just her personality. And she didn’t disappoint at the Met Gala! She entered the hall wearing a dress that made her look like a chandelier, one that we couldn’t afford to break. Just the stones in that dress could cost us months of our salary! And she definitely rocked it!

The fun didn’t stop there, of course. As the party unfolded, Katy was seen being a… hamburger. And we’re not even speaking figuratively here, because– and we kid you not– she literally wore a hamburger suit! Most of the fans were shocked by her choice of outfit, and I don’t know about you, but we think it’s awfully cute. She even had a matching lettuce dress for when she’s not wearing the suit! And she looked like (if I may say) a snack.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins had a very cutesie getup when she walked onto the Met Gala carpet. The actress is not the type to shy away from her references. And with her hair teased to make it look voluminous, she gave a not-so-subtle nod to Priscilla Presley’s wedding look in the ‘6os. To top it off, she wore a bold lavender color for her eyeshadow, making it look so retro, the color popping against her pale, glossed lips. Pairing a black heel with a white ruffly dress, she added flowers and a headband to her hair to give the look her own touch!

Madelaine Petsch

Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch walked into the Met Gala pink carpet looking like a fairy princess. Although her makeup pretty much screamed “Cheryl Bombshell!” the mint-colored dress she wore which accentuated her beautiful red hair gave her a very calming aura. The dress she wore contained shoulder structures that looked like wings. She straight up looked like an angel. Fairy, princess, angel, what other words that mean beauty can we use to describe her look? And hey, the outfit may not be red, but we think Cheryl Blossom would approve.

Harry Styles

Harry Style opted for a gender-fluid approach for his Met Gala outfit. The former 1D singer walked into the room wearing a black jumpsuit with lacey sleeves that showed off his tattoos… and his nipples. Harry has been known for breaking outside of gender norms and he wasn’t about to stop now. To complete the outfit, he wore high-heels, a pearl earring, and nail color! Because 1. why not, and 2. who says only females . can wear those? To be frank, I think Harry wore it better than most of us can. The outfit shocked most of his fans but if he can rock it, then he can rock it (shrugs).


“Did RuPaul come in drag?” probably was the first question that comes into mind. But, no, the queen did not come to the Met Gala in drag. After popularizing drag and making it to the Met Gala, the most anticipated and talked-about fashion event of the year with the theme “camp”, RuPaul decided to show up in a suit. Which is a bummer for most, because when is a better time to glam up than the Met Gala? But no one would dare tell RuPaul what to wear, right? We’re pretty sure he knows about fashion more than most of us do, and if someone knows how to make a statement, it would be Ru. Nonetheless, the suit he wore was still nice, with the colors pink and black dominating it.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse

Riverdale stars Lili and Cole were dubbed as the “campiest couple” of the night at Met Gala. And seeing these outfits, we need not wonder why! After going together for the first time in last year’s ball, the on and off-screen couple showed up for this year’s event looking like they stepped out of an oil painting. Lili had a blue gown with very large ruffles and a short skirt. She sported a glamorous updo and a very vibrant makeup. And of course, the couple liked to always match their outfits. Cole wore a maroon-colored suit with floral patterns, his hair smoothly waved to the side.

Met Gala really doesn’t disappoint every year, and it never fails to make the headline! We might have missed some very popular stars like the Carters, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and more, but still, there is no shortage of glamour here! What was your favorite outfit out of these? Did we miss your favorite artist? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.