Mega Magazine took us by surprise as they launched the #MEGAEquality campaign. Check out who wore it best at the Mega Equality Ball 2019!

It’s fun to support and show some love to the LGBT community. The feeling that you’re helping fight for a cause, for acceptance, for the values you uphold isn’t an easy feat. That’s what the Mega Equality Ball 2019 is all about. Showing support, accepting ideals and fighting for beliefs unconventional to the norm. But putting that aside, the dazzle of the red carpet is worth looking out for.

So here are the celebrities and personalities that caught our eyes!

Catriona Gray

Feast your eyes on our queen as she flaunts her Mak Tumang figure-hugging gown. The rose gold gown shows off enough skin, complementing her fair complexion. Nothing less to expect from the queen Catriona Gray herself.

Vice Ganda

Cladded in the couture creation of Neric Beltran, our resident meme, Vice Ganda takes it to another level. The nude-and-gold gown showcases Vice’s fierceness and boldness. Especially with that running thigh-high slit and popping butterfly shoulders.

Nadine Lustre

Of course, who could forget our President Nadine Lustre. Wearing sheer-sequined high fashion couture from Neric Beltran, she’s nothing more but breathtaking. It covers her just right and shows her striking magnificence just right. It might look simple but the gown emphasizes all her assets in a lip-biting gown.

Tim Yap

Co-founder of the Pride Ball, you can never go wrong with Tim Yap. Dapper and dashing in his Chris Nick gold suit, Tim displays how extra he can be. Even though it might look straightforward, he’s flamboyant gallant in that suit.

House Ganda

And last but not the least, who could forget about the House Ganda? With Vice Ganda leading the squad, they parade themselves in an all-out Neric Beltran gold ensemble. This squad screams LGBT pride all over and the striking boldness of their glinting gold outfits. Proud and gold, House Ganda shows that they’re just as dazzling as everyone.

Of course, there’s nothing spicier than a bit of a red carpet drama, am I right? And these people have shown us that they have the guts to show off who they are in their opulent and striking ensembles. Proud and independent to who they are, we admire them for showing that we have the freedom to be who want to be. And no one can tell them otherwise.

Who do you think is the best-dressed personality at the Mega Equality Ball 2019? Who’s your favorite among our list? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.