What’s in for women this summer? You decide by answering the poll below!

Decide on the best summer getup for this year! Answer the poll below!

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We’ve always been divided on which is in and which is out especially during the summer season! Summer might be the most suitable time to be out under the sun and have fun with friends and family. A girl can’t go out underdressed, so we’ve selected two each of popular summer items which are both cool and opted to let you decide! Girls got to help each other you know, so let’s start! What’s in for summer 2019?

Short and Dyed or Simple Braids?

The summer might be a tricky time to dye our hair because heat can easily damage it, but there’s nothing more stylish than sporting a nice, colored mane to the beach! It gives out a lot of summer vibes and feels a bit cooler for its light color than the usual black or dark brown hair that most of us Filipinas have that can absorb so much heat.

On the other hand, the simpler the better! Braids are very classy and can be paired off easily with outfits, there are tons of styles you can do with braids, too! Plus it diminishes the damage from dyeing the hair.

What do you think? Short and dyed, or simple braids?

Turban Headband or Beach Hat?

Beach hats are practical because it protects your face from harsh sunrays! Plus, they come in many different styles which makes them a very versatile piece to pair up with your beach getup. And let’s be real, it gives any beach outfit more of an oomph if done right! You can get these at Shapes and Curves, you’d love their designs!

But, we are torn again because turban headband can be so stylish, too! It’s a bit more simple than beach hats and it keeps your hair in place. This, if paired with the right outfit, can make a bomb #ootd. Pretty Little Thing has some awesome designs you can choose from!

What’s your pick? Turban headbands or Beach hats?

Ethnic Bohemian Dangle Earrings or Ocean Lover Earrings?

Ocean-themed earrings are a must to make us girls feel like the mermaids we are! I’m sure we all fantasized at one point to wear those same starfish earrings as the mermaid in Aquamarine. There are endless designs to choose from, and it really gives us the ocean-y feel even when we’re not going to the beach. These earrings shout SUMMER! And besides, who doesn’t love earrings designed by our cute sea friends? You can get yours at Etsy. Their designs are to die for!

But summer is more than just the ocean. Ethnic boho dangle earrings are a lot of fun to wear, too! They’re colorful, and can be a bold statement if worn with the correct outfit! Check out Kultura Filipino! They have lots of awesome bohemian designs which are handcrafted from Pinoy materials.

Help us out! Ethnic Bohemian dangle earrings or ocean lover earrings?

Careline’s Melted Metallic Lipstick or Careline’s Matte Liquid Lipstick?

Metallic and matte suits the Filipina skin if we come to pick the right shade. Matte lipsticks have been a staple for most of us. It’s chic, it’s simple, and you can modify your lip shape with matte lippies! Metallic lipsticks are more of a bolder statement, it can carry even a simple outfit! You can get these both on Careline’s shop, or any of your nearest beauty stores!

Loose Chiffon Shorts or Split Wide-Leg Trousers?

This can be hard to choose from. Both are so stylish and are versatile when it comes to outfits! Shorts are a little bit cooler to look at during the summer, we don’t want to seem so wrapped up while it’s 40 degrees out, do we? Also, it shows a bit more skin which gives us a fresher look. The designs at DRESS.PH are cool! They look very comfortable and there are many designs to choose from!

Meanwhile, we have an undying love for split wide-leg trousers, too! And don’t be fooled, while they might be a tad longer, they are actually very comfortable to wear because air can flow through them. It allows us to be comfortably cool without having to show too much skin. It has a very beachy vibe to it, too, but you can also wear them on a day out with friends. They are so versatile! Check out Zalora for some awesome designs!

Sexy or Girly Dress?

Summer dresses are a must-have this summer! They are an easy choice of outfit when you’re not in the mood to mix and match tops and bottoms, and they are very comfy too! The only choice to make is whether to choose a sexy, sultry style of dress or to go with simple, girly ones.  We see a lot of girls post pictures of them wearing these sexy dresses, and they all look beautiful! Sexy dresses tend to be a lot more figure-hugging and show a bit more skin, thus making it the perfect summer dress. But still, classy and girly dresses never go out of style! The look modest and so feminine, it’s getting harder to decide!

Luckily, Saturday Dress Manila has a beautiful collection of both! So you choose! Sexy or girly?

Tropical or Under The Sea Casing?

Of course, our phone cases would have to match, too! As much as we love to take photos with it, our phone cases would have to go with our outfits and be #instagrammable! If you think of it, under the sea and tropical phone casings both are essential to summer. Hello.Yello.Hola on Instagram offers selections to both and more!

Bold Two Piece or Stunning One Piece?

Some of us look good in both one piece and two-piece swimsuits? But what’s really “in”? One piece swimsuits can be great for some of us who aren’t really that comfortable showing our tummies, but two-piece swimsuits can be the hottest thing! Also, they both come in a lot of pretty designs! You can choose to look sporty or sexy, depending on the design you choose! These swimsuits are available in H&M! They are actually Nadine Lustre’s picks for summer essentials!

So what do you say? One piece or two-piece swimsuits?

Strappy Sandals or Cute Flip Flops?

I guess depending on the outfit, both can really be a bomb whatever you choose! Sandals are more stylish, especially strappy ones, and they are comfortable to wear because your feet won’t get all sweaty! But who says flip flops can’t be stylish too? On trips to the beach, these two are the hardest to choose from. You can get you simply pretty flipflops from Havaianas, they offer many different designs, not to mention their products are highly durable! Totally worth the dime.

So, guys, you decide! Which is in for summer? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!