Can’t get enough of the ‘Kimi No Na Wa’ and ‘Weathering With You’ hype? Well, Uniqlo just released collab shirts!

Up-and-coming director Makoto Shinkai gave us out-of-this-world visuals from his highly acclaimed film, ‘Kimi No Na Wa’ or ‘Your Name’, and the newly released film with ‘Weathering With You‘. Some even may regard him as the next Hayao Miyazaki–a legendary director responsible for iconic animated films such as ‘Spirited Away’, ‘My Neighbor Totoro’, and ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’.

Now, Uniqlo, a Japanese retail giant, wants to further showcase Makoto Shinkai’s beautiful craft by releasing shirts inspired from his films. Uniqlo dropped the news first on Instagram saying, “To express Shinkai’s world in the form of a T-shirt, we picked up the symbolic motifs and scenes of these movies and incorporated them as design with the concept of the beautiful color of sky spreading in the movies.”

If you’re planning to buy the shirts, the collection includes two graphic tees capturing the best moments of each film while the remaining shirts flaunt minimal details that can be seen in the animes.

A little recap

If you aren’t updated of what ‘Kimi No Na Wa’ is, we recommend that you watch it first to appreciate the stunning shirts Uniqlo will be releasing. ‘Kimi No Na Wa’ revolves on a high school rural girl and a high school city boy who woke up one day with their bodies switched. We won’t tell you anything further so you really have to watch the movie!

As for ‘Weathering With You’, it’ll be showing in theaters on Aug. 28, so you better watch it. ‘Weathering With You’ is about a high school teenage boy who runs away from home and finds himself befriending a girl who has the power to create sunny weather.

Uniqlo will be releasing 7 t-shirts in total which will retail for P790.00. It’ll be only for a limited time so you better hurry up!

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