Up the ante of your fashion game. Check out these trending accessories to spice up your outfit.

Giorgio Armani once said, “Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day”. So to keep your fashion game up to date, we’ve listed down trending accessories to spice up your outfit.


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Baker boy hats

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The baker boy hat (a.k.a. poor boy hat or fisherman hat) was once a sign of lower social stature but now, it is one of the hottest accessories to spice up an outfit. Some ladies would even consider wearing it as a symbol of woman empowerment because just like back in the days when women have just started doing jobs that were “men” jobs, now they’re wearing clothes that men wore.

Bucket hats

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Another trend from the 90s found its way to 2018 and is expected to stick around this 2019. Bucket hats, everybody! Grab your own and live in nostalgia for a bit.


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Basket bags

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In 2018, fashionistas proved that basket bags aren’t only for the beach. You can work these woven treasures anywhere you want. This trend is foreseen to continue throughout 2019 and we are excited about the new designs that will come out this year.

Over-sized bags

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We totally get this trend. We mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to bring everything all at once right? Over-sized bags are not only stylish but also practical. We are glad that they on trend this year.


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Sculptural heels

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Designers are putting comfy sneakers in the back seat and are now focusing more on dramatic heel designs also known as sculptural heels or architectural heels. Nowadays, it is important to make a statement even through fashion and nothing speaks louder oddly shaped heel.

Logo printed shoes

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Speaking of statements, logo printed shoes are also on the rise again. Click clack your way to places with your shoe brand on display. That’s how to let them know that you’re not here to play.


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Shield Sunglasses

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Eyewear, of course, has their own trend going on. We’ve had enough of the slim glasses. Let us all welcome, the shield sunglasses. These sunglasses covers more than half of the face and looks futuristic (think Tron glasses). This may seem very strange right now, but so did the super slim glasses and they still catch on right? Besides, Victoria Beckham and J.Lo were spotted wearing them and we don’t think two fashion icons’ new found love for huge sunglasses will come unnoticed.

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