It’s Halloween season again! And you know what that means—it’s time to dress up as the spookiest ghouls or maybe even the most popular characters! And for this #TIMECAPSULE, we’ve rounded up 5 of the Top Halloween Costumes We’ve Ever Seen before Halloween 2018!

From politicians, to cartoon characters, and horror film characters, we’e made sure that these really are the top Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. At least before Halloween 2018.

So, are you ready? Let’s start of with someone any Filipino would be familiar with.

5. Nancy Binay???

A Halloween costume from way back 2014, this woman actually came as one of the Philippine senators we have right now—Nancy Binay!

And where did the inspiration from this costume come from, you ask? This was actually the Senator’s #SONA2014 outfit!

4. Cheats as the Cast of Captain Planet

We’ve already expressed our love for this band (and photo!) in the ENCORE FEATURE for Cheats.

So of course we’d add this in the list of the best costumes we’ve ever seen! This group’s bond is really something that inspires us, and you can read more about that here too.

3. Look what you made ’em do…

Everyone loves Taylor Swift! (Well, either they actually do love her, or they hate to love her.)

And for this squad, well. Let’s just say, look what Taylor made ’em do!

2. Tanya Markova…as themselves.

Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly a  Halloween costume, but we’ve also featured these guys here. And why can’t we? It’s Halloween for Tanya Markova everyday, after all.

We really love how these guys put in so much effort in their costumes—we mean!—in their performances. Full-on make-up every single time? You go Tanya Markova! SALUTE!

1. Train Tutuban

This has been one of the most popular Halloween costumes since… Well, since this group of friends turned up like this for a Halloween costume party in 2016!

And tbh, even we ca’t get over it still. Why else would they be the number one on our list? Well, we do hope that another group of friends may be able to top this this year!

Dress to impress this year, ghosts and ghouls!

So what do you guys think of our Top Halloween Costumes list? Do you think we missed anything? Do you think YOUR costume should be added? Let us know in the comment section below. Or you can also message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We love getting notes from you guys!