It boggles us what runs through a mind of a sneakerhead. So we’ve asked a few and came up with ten fun facts about Filipino sneakerheads.

Fila’s Disruptor, Balenciaga’s Triple S, Yeezys, Nike’s Jordans,  Adidas’ Stan Smith and what else? (Just ask the sneakerheads) name it they have it (or must have it).

What are sneakerheads?

Sneakerheads are people who own multiple pairs of shoes as a form of collection and fashion. But there must be more to that because from a small subculture it blew up into a huge shebang that people (mostly male) gone crazy for. Even a third-world country such as the Philippines succumbed into the culture! So let’s dig deeper into the mind of these people and list down ten fun facts about Filipino sneakerheads.

1. “I just like to dress up”

Shoes play a major part in fashion and if you’re a style aficionado you must have a sh*t ton of shoes. For sneakerheads, they pretty much just love to dress up too. And they want to have shoes that’ll suit the outfits they assemble in their heads.

2. “I don’t like repeating my shoes too much”

Is it a sin for sneakerheads to repeat their shoes? Probably! According to some people we’ve talked to, it seems that they incur a violation in the sneakerhead world if they wear a pair again and again. We guess they need to uphold the reputation that they own a lot of shoes to keep wearing one too many times so that they stay in the community (lol!).


3. Design

Shoes come in different styles, it may be a tennis-y white leather with rubber sole, knitted body, with your favorite’s athlete’s silhouette printed on it, whatever. The design of a pair of shoes is a huge factor for sneakerheads (take a shot every time you read “sneakerhead/s”) before they purchase one. It should appeal to their interest and fit their style, which is correlated to our next point.

4. “Is it bagay

Just like all of us, sneakerheads (take a shot) are individuals. They come in different shape and form. The shoes should not only be pretty but it should also suit them. It wouldn’t be cute for anyone to walk around looking like Ronald Mcdonald or Lotus feet. Well, that may be a size issue, but you get what we mean right? Get a pair wouldn’t look odd on you. PERIOD.

5. Shoe prices

Okay, let’s be real. If you’re eyeing a pair that is way above your budget, would you risk your life savings for it? For some sneakerheads (that’s another shot for you), maybe. But that wouldn’t be practical right? We don’t think it’ll be sexy for a someone wearing Balenciaga to take their loved one on a date at Mang Larry’s Isaw. We mean, it’s cute at first but if you do it every damn date? You might wanna rethink your decisions in life. (Quick tip: Dating a sneakerhead? Get him shoes for Christmas. Bec duhh!) Don’t worry, a lot of sneakerheads are good with planning out and saving up for their next purchase.

6. The hype

Most (if not all) sneakerheads would go gaga over the latest uso shoes in the market. Some would even line up in front of stores on the day of the release (especially if it’s limited edition) just so they can be first to acquire the precious (Gollum’s voice) pair. Aside from it matching other hyped clothing articles, it also ramps up their status in the “shoeholic” community as well. Cause you know, the first to the fad is usually the awesomestzzz. Most of the time, that’s how it works.

7. Basketball

Air Jordans is the root of it all. Among all that we’ve talked to, 90% of them started their sneakerheadedness with Jordans and other basketball legend inspired releases. Kobes, Lebrons, Kyries, and other names of top basketball players, there will be a pair named after them. Most sneakerheads (are you drunk yet?) are basketball fans and they pretty much developed their love for shoes from their love for their idol. Which only explains the substantial amount of sneakerheads in the Philippines, we are a bunch of huge basketball devotees too!

8. “Don’t step on my kicks”

Sneakerheads (you can tap out anytime) give so much value for their collection. They make sure every pair is clean and well-conditioned. So it is non-tolerable if you cause damage to their treasure. For god sake, they even keep the box and watch weather forecasts to make sure their beloveds will be unharmed. And we don’t blame them! We’ve established that shoes are not cheap, right?

9. Investment

Again, shoes can be very expensive. Especially, the limited edition ones. That is why sneakerheads consider their collections as investments. According to our sources, you can get more returns from a pair of the very first Nike Jordans in a couple of years compared to a stock bought from a high performing company. Why? Cause other shoeholics who were not able to get their hands on it will bend over backward to get it, so you may post it online to sell it at a much higher price and you won’t run out of bidders. Getting 50% to 100% ROI from shoes is common and we found that extremely fascinating (Will invest in shoes after this article).

10. Identity

Lastly, being a sneakerhead (here’s a bucket) is an identity. And just like everyone, it’s nice to have a strong sense of who you are as a person. Shoe collecting is a lifestyle that not everyone may understand but shoe people will forever be proud of doing.

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