The holidays are the best time for spending time with your loved ones and practicing the gift of giving. But also, it’s the season to feast on delicious food. This leads to the question, “How do I hide my holiday tummy?” Find out the answer here:

We all know the saying, “I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there’s just one thing I need–and that’s to hide my holiday tummy.” Every year, aside from the yearly holiday traditions, we’re also bombarded with tons of food. And we’re not overacting when we say it’s a lot. Hence, the long line of next-day meal recipes from our leftovers.

Going back to the topic, a lot of us may face the annoying visit of the holiday tummy. And we find ourselves looking for ways to hide it. Don’t worry anymore ‘cuz the search is over! Here are some outfit ideas to hide that belly fat! *wink*


Pleated skirt + Plain tops = Perfection

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You may have thought that people who have a protruding tummy can’t wear skirts. Well, you thought wrong! Pleated skirts are perfect to hide that bulge since it starts at the tip of your skirt. And it’s all about how you pair it, people! Top it off with a plain t-shirt so that it gives an airy feel. And if you’re feeling extra, you can pair it with a big belt!

Layering is the key

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If you’re feeling lazy, layering is like a magic trick that hides all the unwanted fats away. Rather, it just shifts the eyes’ attention away from the stomach. According to StyleCraze, you can opt for a tank top with plaid polo; knee-length dress and a cape; trousers with a shirt and blazer or shrug, etc.

You can never go wrong with dark colors

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Dress like a parisian

In case you haven’t known by now, going for dark colors is a rule every girl swears by when they’re feeling a little bloated. Need we say more?!

Skintight is so last season

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If you’re serious about hiding your holiday tummy, it’s obvious you should ABSOLUTELY stay away from skin-tight clothes. Not only does it accentuates every inch of you but as well as the food you for Christmas. Best you go for clothing that has a flow, bounce, and definition to it

Vertical patterns, please!


Style Craze

And last but not least, for those who want a little challenge up to their sleeves, you can try out vertical patterns. It makes a lot of difference considering that it gives the illusion of a slimmer and taller built.

What do you think of these holiday outfit ideas? Will you be trying them out to hide the fruits of the holidays?

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