Everything about this just makes us go “yeesh!”

In today’s episode of men are trash, an obscene clothing line called ‘Kain Pepe’ is being called out on social media. But instead of being shamed out of existence, the owner had the audacity to flimsily defend the name of his brand. And absolutely no one is buying it!

The clothing line in question is called ‘Kain Pepe’, which literally translates to “eat vagina”. And if you take the designs of his brand into context along with that, it inexplicably sounds like a call to perform the act of cunnilingus.

In a now-deleted statement by the owner, he says that there is nothing wrong with the name of his brand. And he then proceeds on explaining why:


The brand owner really said that the message of the brand was to encourage “teenagers to EAT PROPERLY.” All we can say is, wow.

Netizens and the Gabriela Women’s Party are so not happy!

The call-out for the brand has gone so viral that even the Gabriela Women’s Party, who are known to support women’s rights, have taken notice. In fact, they issued a lengthy statement condemning the brand in promoting the objectification of women! They even went so far as to offer the brand owners of ‘Kain Pepe’ gender sensitivity training. You can check out their statement below:

There are ways to be both sex-positive and non-objectifying!my body my choice shirt

Although at the end of the day, the double standard for women exists. If we’re too open about owning our sexuality we’re called sluts. And then if we’re conservative, we’re called prudes. But there are ways to be both sex-positive and non-objectifying! Just take this shirt design, it not only promotes consent but is also sex-positive. And the best part, it’s non-objectifying! Also, if you’re interested in this shirt, you can buy it on Etsy!

Overall, ‘Kain Pepe’ is just a trashy brand that we should all forget about, like right now! Although, we do hope the owner takes up Gabriela’s offer on that gender sensitivity training. And who knows, they might actually learn a thing or two and improve their brand.

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