New Era Cap PH has a Wang Od streetwear line!

The famous 102-year old “mambabatok” Wang Od now has a streetwear line! No need to hike-up Kalinga to sport her signature designs anymore!

New Era Cap PH

ICYDK, Apo Wang Od is a famous 102-year-old “mambabatok” from Kalinga. Tattoo enthusiasts from all over the Philippines flock to the mountains just to get a tattoo done from her. She’s so famous that even tourists and foreigners go to visit her. And now New Era PH has released an official streetwear line featuring Apo Wang Od’s designs!

The line is completely out of stock online


If you’re looking to cop some of the products from this line, you’re out of luck! Their online store is officially out of stock. You can always try their physical stores in Megamall and Trinoma. But if the online store is out of stock, that’s not a very good indication that their physical stores would have any.

But will Wang Od get part of the proceeds or what?

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It’s great that Apo Wang Od’s tattoo designs are being introduced in a mainstream way, but will she actually get any of the proceeds? In a Facebook post from New Era PH’s official page, they said that they have “secured all legal matters before proceeding.” And that “Supporting Filipino artists through collaboration” is one of their “brand values”. But it is still unclear where the proceeds will actually go.

New Era Cap PH x Wang Od

There are officially four items on the Wang Od streetwear line:

Snake Tongue Whang Od Black Reversible Bucket Cap

Butbut Symbols Whang Od Black Short Sleeve Shirt

Serpent Eagle Whang Od Black 9FORTY Cap

Compass Whang Od Black 9FIFTY Cap

Compass Whang Od Black 9FIFTY Cap

Apo Wang Od’s designs are truly a work of art, and we’re not quite sure how we feel about it being mass-produced like this. But then again, she is the last true tattoo artist of this kind. And it would be a shame to let it die out. As long as New Era Cap PH gives due credit and proper compensation it’s all good!

Do you like New Era Cap PH’s streetwear line featuring Apo Wang Od’s designs? Are you hunting to cop these styles too? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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