Talk about a real-life Cruella de Vil…

Khloe Kardashian is called out by a fan for wearing real fur for her Halloween costume last year.

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One fan is out to get Khloe Kardashian for wearing real mink fur for her Halloween costume as Cruella de Vil last year! And honestly, rightfully so!

It was last January 7th that @mynameistriinu on Instagram called out Khloe Kardashian on the social media platform.

But the worst thing is this…

Khloe Kardashian commented saying that her costume is not made of real fur!

“I am wearing a Halloween costume. It’s not real fur. But keep spreading your vile hate instead of focusing on real issues. Why must people assume and attack so quickly? You have some clear frustrations darling and they are completely misdirected.”

And she added…

“My advice to you would be, don’t attack people in general. But if you choose to waste your energy on attacking a complete stranger then at least know all of your information prior. Happy 2020.”

Never underestimate the power of receipts!

But the original poster dug up some receipts! She finds the post of the designer, Daniel Leather. And the caption mention hashtags that prove the costume is indeed real fur.

You can check out @mynameistriinu’s post below:

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EDIT: Khloe Kardashian commented on this post saying this is not real fur (and that I have issues haha!) She quickly removed the comment and blocked me when people highlighted she tagged @danielsleather (see for yourself if you think they make any clothing from fake fur?😂) as the maker of the stole. No matter how rich you are, lying is not okay. Exploiting or paying for the exploitation of animals isn’t either! • “Oh my God, 500 million animals have died!” Which is what, a few less than for your fur coats and accessories, @khloekardashian? So sad when animals die during fire, much better when they’re anally and vaginally electrocuted and they’re skin is ripped off their bodies (sometimes even when their conscious!) for nothing other than your vanity! • If you feel for the koalas, watch @dominionmovement. • • • • • #vegan #govegan #australia #australiafires #koalas #khloekardashian #thekardashians #fur #animalkingdom #animalliberation #veganfortheanimals #dominionmovement #anonymousforthevoiceless #cubeoftruth #wewillrisetogether #veganforlife #veganfortheplanet #veganforthem #kimkardashian #australiabushfires

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And unsurprisingly, Kylie Jenner was also called out for wearing real fur slippers as well!

Khloe Kardashian wearing real fur

But that’s not the worst of it! She posted a picture of her wearing the fur slippers. After posting her “sympathies” for the animals that have died in the Australian bushfires!

And we just can’t quite comprehend how the audacity of that concept missed her completely. Because how do you sympathize with the death of millions of animals, but then keep your feet warm with the skin of one?

The slippers in question are a pair of Louis Vuitton mink fur slippers. So, check out this viral tweet calling Kylie Jenner out because we can’t find any more words for the audacity and hypocrisy:

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We honestly can’t believe that in this day and age, we’re still using real animal fur to clothe ourselves. And even worse, it’s normally a luxury item for the rich and famous. So we’re honestly on board with this fan on calling out Khloe Kardashian for wearing real fur. No animal deserves to suffer just for a Halloween costume.

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