We love ourselves some good old fried chicken as much as the next guy, but this may be taking it a bit too far. Because KFC and Crocs just collaborated on the strangest thing ever. So say hello to the KFC Crocs, which actually smells like real fried chicken!

So we’ve seen our fair share of weird fashion items. And sometimes they’re a good kind of weird. And other times, they’re stuff that never should have made it past being an idea. Unfortunately, this one falls under the latter.

And generally, Crocs aren’t the most appreciated kind of footwear out there, cue in “what are those” memes here. So we don’t think this collaboration between KFC and Crocs is really helping build a better audience for the brand. And yet, here they are.

KFC Crocs, really?

KFC Crocs
KFC Crocs

The new KFC Crocs sports a red and white colorway on the base, which reflective of KFC’s iconic branding. It’s complete with a chicken print on the top, along with two drumstick-shaped, and don’t forget scented, Jibbitz. And apparently, it was essential to remind people that the fried chicken-scented Jibbitz are “not for human consumption.” Well, can’t say we blame them, people are really out there eating Tide Pods and everything.

So if you’re interested in these, for God knows what reason, then you’ll be glad to know that they’ll be dropping sometime this year. And will sell for 60 USD a pair or around 3,000 PHP. And check out this trailer of how they “made” the KFC Crocs, below:


So we know that this is just our opinion on the matter, but who would even want these? But hey, if you love fried-chicken that much, let us know if you would actually wear these. Because we really don’t see the point in having your feet smell like fried chicken. Unless…

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