FASHION: How to wear your colors proudly at the Metro Manila Pride 2019

Fun and loud, the Pride March is all about colors! Find out ways you can wear your colors for the march! Gotta look your best in your Pride March outfit, right?

You might be wondering (like I was) why the LGBT flag is the colors of the rainbow. Or you might already know. We did the liberty of checking. It turns out that the rainbow flag has been previously used as the symbol of peace. Later on, it was used as the LBGT flag. Its colors represent the diversity of the LGBT community, but somehow, the first interpretation is also fitting. I mean, that’s what the LGBT Pride March is for—peace and acceptance.

Nowadays, we see an item of rainbow-colored clothing and we immediately think, “Pride!” The symbol has been so widely used that you’d know who’s gay and not based on the rainbow emojis on their Twitter usernames (*wink wink*). Nonetheless, wearing colors to the Pride March isn’t just apt,  but is very symbolic. You have to dress for the occasion! Here are some ways you can wear your colors for the march!

As a top

Classic. Rainbow colors will look brightly nice when worn as a top. May it be a normal shirt, ribbed or cropped top, or gearing more towards the “hubadera” style, wear it to your heart’s content! You can also play with dyes and stray away from the usual rainbow stripes situation.

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Shoes? Why not!

We see many people wear rainbow shirts… but shoes? I bet that’s something out of the ordinary! Grab a pair of old white shoes and paint them the colors of the rainbow, or you can just purchase one that’s readily made. It’s entirely up to you! It would be totally fun to be marching with all the other LGBT, and people will surely be wide-eyed about your choice of footwear!

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Jeans or Skirts?

Deviate from the usual printed top, plain bottom style and wear the colors on your bottom this time. It’s certainly a fashion risk, but if you can carry it, why not! You can choose from a variety of items. Jeans would be comfy to walk in, but, come on! It’s the Pride March! Go as all out as you can. No one would keep guys anyone from cross-dressing, too! Your choice, actually.

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Hair and Makeup, too!

Whoever said you can’t go a little bit extra has never been more wrong. Extend the pride feels with your hair and makeup! If you’re one of the people who always wanted to check “rainbow hair” out of their bucket lists, now would be the perfect time to do it! You can also experiment with some boldly colored makeup looks to go with your outfit during the Pride March!

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Of course, if you want to keep your outfit lowkey but still Pride-inspired, you can go with these cute accessories! Your whole outfit doesn’t have to be a rainbow, but you can accentuate it with rainbow colors! If anyone at the parade comes at you and tells you that you’re not wearing any color, flash out your bomb earrings, or hit them with your rainbow belt (just kidding, don’t hurt anyone)!

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There is no limit as to how you can express yourself in terms of your clothing during the Metro Manila Pride March! We’re sure it would be fun to get ready together with your friends and mix-and-match pieces to come up to the march looking your absolute best! We couldn’t wait to see everyone’s outfits!

What is your Pride March outift? Show us! We’d love to see it! Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!

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