Let’s admit it, ladies, high heels make us look tall and sexy but they torture our feet! So here are high heel hacks to make wearing high heels bearable.

Grab me those stilettos and let me rock them in the club… for 30 minutes and spend the rest of time limping or barefooted. Ladies, it’s okay! We can be honest with each other. Wearing high heels is a pain in the *ss but we can’t help but wear them cause it makes us look sexy af! So my fellow high heel wearers, I come to you with these awesome high heel hacks.

Buy high heels in the afternoon

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Did you know that our feet gradually swells throughout the day? So it is only reasonable to shop for high heels (or any shoes really) in the afternoon or in the evening when your feet are in its final swollen form because that way once you wear your new pair of heels, at the end of the day it is still a perfect fit!

Sandpaper the bottom of the shoes

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You don’t want to walk down the dance floor and slip because your brand new high heel shoes’ outsole is too smooth. Sandpaper the bottom of your shoes before heading out! This will make it rougher and create more friction with the floor thus preventing you to slip.

Apply deodorant on the blister spots

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I’m not saying your feet smell, it’s just that applying clear deodorant on your feet’s blister spots creates an invisible barrier between your skin and your shoes and this will help lessen blistering.

Put gel cushions inside your shoe

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This is already an old trick but if you did not know there are gel cushions that you can place inside your shoes that make it comfortable to wear your high heels for long periods of time. They act like a pillow for the soles of your feet and also helps to prevent your feet to slip out of the shoe.

Tape your toes together

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There is a nerve that splits between our third and fourth toe that causes pain in the ball of our feet and when wearing high heels, more pressure is applied to it thus creating more pain. If you tape your third and fourth toe together it aligns your muscles and eliminates the strain on the nerve thus reduces pain on the ball of your feet, making it comfortable to wear high heels for a longer period of time.

Pretty cool high heel hacks, huh? Why don’t you give it a try? This way you can dance on the dance floor all night, rock your favorite heels to work without worrying and wear your killer heels to your date without limping at the end of it. If you have any comments please do type them down the comment section below or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.