The famous Catriona Gray’s Adarna Gown showcased Filipino culture, talent, and creativity. If you want to know more about this iconic gown, keep on reading!

A dress that’s truly representative of Catriona Gray and the Philippines. We have for you the details on what it took to bring the Adarna gown to life!

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The Designer

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Mak Tumang is a well-known Filipino designer locally and internationally. He is famous for his intricate embroidery, amazing lacework, and impressive designs. Tumang is passionate about bringing forth luxurious elegance in all of his work. He dressed remarkable celebrities and beauty queens.

The talented designer’s most recent works are the evening dresses worn by Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018. The gorgeous Adarna gown and the stunning Mayon gown.

We will be focusing on the nitty-gritty of the making of the Adarna gown today!

Adarna Gown by Mak Tumang

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The Adarna dress was Catriona Gray’s preliminary evening gown in the Miss Universe 2018. It is a stunning a red-orange dress, with a thigh-high slit covered in custom-made feathers. The fiery dress was a creation of the distinguished designer, Mak Tumang. His inspiration for the spectacular gown was the magical bird from the Philippine epic, ‘Ibong Adarna’. The famous bird has beautiful feathers, lovely voice, and the ability shapeshift.

Mak Tumang’s masterpiece fit perfectly on Catriona, literally and representatively. He posted to Instagram a photo of the now Miss Universe 2018 wearing the gown with an explanation on why he chose this design for her.

The amazing designer made sure that the details of the gown were done perfectly to achieve the perfection that it is today. The materials used to make the gown were embroidered gold feathers. Used was real Swarovski crystals in the colors Hyacinth, Fire Opal, Jonquil Aurora Borealis, and Topaz Aurora Borealis.

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Together with Mak Tumang’s team, they made the Adarna gown with love and passion. A true Filipino pride. Catriona Gray glided with fire on the Miss Universe preliminary stage wearing it, leaving everyone speechless. Mabuhay Manlilikhang PilipinoMabuhay Pilipinas.

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