Aside from sick beats and insane flows, these rappers are killing it with their outfits as well. Check out our best-dressed artists in the OPM rap scene.

Spitting rhymes never looked so good! Check out OPM rap scene’s best-dressed artists!

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Because is a 16-year-old rap artist who’s taking over the country’s rap community by a storm. The ‘Marlboro Black’ hitmaker is being bashed for his looks. Haters would say that he’s too big for their liking and that he looks like he’s about to dance the ‘Gangnam Style’ because he looks like Psy. These bitter people can say whatever they have to say, but the boy is a genius in terms of music. His flow is sick, his lyrics are relatable, and his music’s beats are bomb! Also, Because’s fashion style is pretty cool! We don’t care if these bashers tease him about ‘Gangnam Style’, as long as he is looking slick and fresh, like straight outta Gangnam Seoul.


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Mito Fabie a.k.a Curtismith is a 25-year-old Pinoy rapper whose music is recognized not only locally but also internationally. He’s been featured in multiple music festivals like Wanderland Music and Arts Festival. Aside from being an amazing rapper, the ‘No Ways’ hitmaker also has a great sense of style. He dresses not too flashy but just enough to make the girls double take on the stud. 😉

Al James

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Hailing from the home of the Growling Tigers, University of Santo Tomas, Alvin James P. Manlutac a.k.a Al James is another talented Pinoy rapper with a sick sense of style. He has a degree in Fine Arts and is currently an art director in an agency. The man behind ‘Pahinga’ is pretty much an artistic genius, he has helped fellow rap artists with their ep/album arts and overall concepts, so it is not a surprise that he knows a thing or two regarding fashion.


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Our only girl on the list is this badass Cebuana, Karencitta! She spits rhyme like how she dances—smooth and sexy. She’s the woman behind the instant hit ‘Cebuana’, a song where she mixed English and her hometown dialect, bisaya. This girl may be based in the United States but her heart still belongs to the Queen City of the South, Cebu. And her style? Bad and boujee. She combines swag and luxury together that she carries very well. This is the definition of badass b… beautiful lady.

Elmo Magalona

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The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say. Elmo Magalona is a talented actor, singer, and rapper just like his father, the Master Rapper, Francis Magalona. Aside from Francis M‘s talent, he also acquired his father’s awesome sense of style. The stud could pull off any look may it be dapper or swagger.

Apl de Ap

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Do we really have to explain why Apl de Ap is on this list? Just look at the guy! If that doesn’t scream fashion, we don’t know what does. But fine, obviously the award-winning Black Eye Peas member is a fan of layering and unconventional length of shirts. Combine that with sick shoes and his signature Philippine flag inspired necklace then you’ve officially achieved the Apl de Ap look.

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