FASHION: Artists and how fashion reflects their music

Fashion is universal—it could define your brand and music altogether. So let’s checkout these artists and how their fashion reflects their music!

Realize how a person dresses reflects who they are? Same goes for musicians, most of the time, we hear their music through their outfits. So let’s check out these 8 artists and how fashion reflects their music, shall we?

1. IV of Spades – Old ain’t out

You can easily spot a IV of Spades MV once you see the retro vibe setting and hear the 80’s-esque music. Other than that you get more of the feel by checking out their groovy outfits. Colorful and vintage outfits embodying a The Beatles kind of aura. The feels of their ensembles resemble their disco-ish music and this separates them among the rest of the newer OPM artists. They are bringing the ’70s back with a different twist and even the titos and titas of Manila approves.

2. Curtismith – Get that “BF” look going

We like to consider Curtismith‘s fashion style as “borderline fuccboii” (BF) and we don’t mean this in a bad way. You know that smooth, good-boy-with-a-little-mischief look that gets all the girls to hold on to their panties for dear life? Yeah, that. Just like his music, it’s captivating and panty-dropping. Nuff said!

3. Shanti Dope- Street and Catchy

We all have our own way to express ourselves through style. We totally get that! Same goes with music. Street is what this breakout artist’s style is screaming that emanates through his tunes too. But that ‘Nadarang‘ hairstyle doe. We’re not hating, it’s just different. But it gives Shanti Dope individuality for sure. It’s catchy, like his music. 😉

4. Tanya Markova – Uhh, clown-ish?

TBH, after looking at Tanya Markova‘s style while their music is playing, we almost got 404 error in our heads. We had a hard time relating the two. But then it hit us, those fun-vibed music plus their eery look? Kind of gives you that circus-y feel right? Right? Agree with us!

5. Where’s Ramona?- Floral Lover Boys

A bunch of dapper hopeless romantics making love songs. Their sleek flower-power vibe and romance-oozing music will definitely make you kilig. No wonder the title of this band’s EP is ‘The Reckless Romantic‘! Where’s Ramona? reeks of love to be promised and we definitely got our eyes set on these cuties!

6. Francis Magalona – Filipino Rap Master


Need I say more? The guy’s style exudes authority and ownership, nationalism and mastery—just like his music. Francis Magalona surely shows off the rapper in him through his baggy clothes and shorts. But not only that, how Pinoy his music is surely reflected through his outfits because it has Philippine trademarks all the time! How Filipino is that, huh?

7. Unique Salonga- Simple yet captivating

The controversial decision of Unique to leave the band IV of Spades gave us the chance to see him more as an individual. And we’ve found out that he’s a very simple guy, which also reflects on his simple yet captivating music. Really a coming-of-age tracks, don’t you think so?

8. BennyBunnyBand – Eccentric

Their MV of ‘Kamandag’ should come with a trigger warning. If you have ophidiophobia, just listen and don’t look! This band definitely has their own vibe going on which goes for their songs too. If anything, the way to describe BennyBunnyBand is brave and different. Absolutely just like their choice of fashion: daring!

Okay, we know they said to not judge a book by its cover but sometimes what you see really is what you get. These artists’ fashion really do correlates with their music and we are not complaining! It’s just like having a meal served to you exactly how you saw it on the menu.

Were you fascinated by how these artists and how fashion reflects their music? Comments? Violent reactions? Type ’em all down in the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to talk fashion with you!

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