Does fashion style really change once stardom starts? To answer that, we had an exclusive interview with this amazing artist! Here’s Arabelle Dela Cruz fashion style then and now!

A gorgeous young lady with the voice of a diva. We had the opportunity to interview one of the ‘Tawag Ng Tanghalan Sa Showtime’ grand finalists to share with us how her fashion sense changed after she got recognized from the show.

Let’s check out how Arabelle Dela Cruz fashion sense changed after she became an official singer in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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Spicy Arabelle Dela Cruz

Arabelle Dela Cruz is one of the golden voices from ‘Tawag ng Tanghalan Sa Showtime’. She defended her title as TNT’s daily champion 7 times then got dethroned by Ignacio Ondoy. But her TNT journey did not stop there, she was given the chance to fight once again during the ‘Ultimate Resback’ and bagged herself a spot in the grand finals. The beautiful singer, despite not winning the title, was still able to catch the attention of ABS CBN and had her as an official artist of the network.

Aside from her spectacular voice, the 17-year-old talent is also a great cook and a spicy food lover to the point that she would eat red pepper alone as a snack (whatdaquack?!). Before she was in the limelight, she was modeling and joining beauty pageants.

Last December 7, Arabelle had her first solo concert at the Lyceum of the Philippines Laguna and it was a huge success. The concert was for a cause which only shows that the young lady really has a good heart.

Check out one of her performances:


Arabelle Dela Cruz and Fashion

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When I met the chili lover goddess for the first time a year ago, my first impression was “Wow this girl is really pretty”. She wasn’t wearing makeup then and she was wearing a very simple ensemble (shirt and pants). The girl is very simple yet very eye-catching. She was also very humble and kind.

A week ago, I was given the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her fashion sense and being the darling that she is, she willingly answered. Here is how the interview went.

I asked how she dressed before TNT and after TNT and she explained that then she usually just wear simple clothing, a shirt partnered with shorts or jeans and a pair of sneakers. When she had to go to events she would wear clothes that are fitting for the occasion. But after TNT, she got a bit more conscious of what she wears, she tries her best to look fashionable every time she goes out. Sometimes she would copy the styles of her idols like Dua Lipa, Beyonce, Pia Wurtzbach, and Sarah Geronimo, without sacrificing comfort.

At a young age, Ara sees fashion as a way to express who you are as a person. She believes that her outfit helps in boosting her confidence whenever she performs. The lovely girl expressed that whenever she’s wearing something stylish it makes her feel she owns the stage, that aside from her magnificent talent she also looks good up there. She sees being well-dressed during a performance is like Beyonce‘s aura when she’s on stage, powerful and slayin’.

A finalist’s advice on fashion

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When asked if she had any advice on fashion for aspiring artists, she answered with this.

“…wear something that you want to be known for and at the same time shows your personality. Be comfortable, unique and stylish in your own way.”

Very well said (slow clap).

Truly, this spectacular diva may have tweaked her fashion a bit but the kind, loving, and humble girl still is there inside her. Kudos to you, Arabelle! For being an amazing artist, a sweet darling, and a hot fashionista!

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