2020 is officially here but it doesn’t mean we’re saying goodbye to some 2019 fashion trends in this new year.

As we enter the new decade, we may find ourselves looking back at the past and can’t help but already miss some 2019 trends. Don’t worry though! It’s a-okay! Just because it’s the new year doesn’t mean it’s demanded of us that we should leave everything behind immediately. Absolutely not! Especially when these things are worth having or trying out in the coming years as well. And can you even imagine an era wherein the full bangs weren’t a thing?! Ya girl Mimiyuuuh definitely disagrees!

So we’re done keeping you waiting. Here are some 2019 FASHION TRENDS that are staying this 2020!

Bob cut

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There’s no haircut more used and abused than the bob cut. It has been around for many years and of course, 2020 will not be an exception. Expect to see more of this style this new decade and while you’re at it, why don’t you try it yourself?

Full bangs

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Youtube Mimiyuuuh

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Instagram Heart Evangelista

Here’s also another haircut that cannot ever be forgotten. In the Philippines, ya girl Mimiyuuuh is popularizing this trend and many are convinced including Ms. Heart Evangelista herself! What do you think?

Cuffed sleeves

Instagram Rei Germar

Whenever you see cuffed sleeves you’d be reminded of how people dressed like in the Victorian era and it proves to be stylish in modern times. Just take a look at our favorite lifestyle Youtuber Rei Germar with her white cuffed sleeves dress.

Mesh tops

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Mesh tops are often refused to be worn by many because of the skin that you’re going to show but with the right undertop it’s hella fashionable. Surely, when you go out with this fashion sense you’d be a head turner. You’re welcome! *wink*

Milk tea hair

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NORA Hair Salon

And lastly, with all the rave about milk tea, it’s inevitable that we’d get to see it other than in liquid form. Milk tea hair color is what we’re all about right now because it gives you that soft, youthful, and, feminine look you’d been wishing for!

What do you think of these 2019 fashion trends? And do you agree they will be definitely staying this 2020? Which one is your favorite and would immediately try out?

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