EDM has a diverse sea of electrifying hits. Today, we will be looking at some of the best dubstep songs and music in our own humble opinion.

Dubstep is an increasingly growing music scene in the EDM industry. The recent Anarchy PH event was successful at playing sick dubstep hardstyle beats for bassheads that attended.

Skrillex – Bangarang ft. Sirah

One of my go-to dubstep songs is Skrillex’s “Bangarang”. It’s one of the first tracks that got me into dubstep music. Skrillex is also the most recognized dubstep artist as far as I know.

What I like about the track is that it starts upbeat and continues to build up until the bass drop. It’s also a good song to dance to if that’s your thing.

Aftershock – Boombox Cartel VIP

This collaboration between NGHTMRE and Boombox Cartel really brings out both of their styles to the song. It starts off heavy but there is also a catchy synth 8-bit like lead that runs throughout the song. Listening to this on headphones really tickles your ears in a good way.

Burn Out – NGHTMRE

If you like hearing heavy dubstep, “Burn Out” is a good track. It starts off heavy and ends heavy. Another thing that I like about it is that it doesn’t overuse its bass drop.

Bonfire – Knife Party

Knife Party’s drop is one of my favorites although it does remind me of Skrillex’s style. “Knife Party” is best listened to using headphones or earbuds.

Flying Spaghetti Monster – Doctor P

Some may define this track under glitchstep but I still think it’s dubstep. I’m not a big fan of Doctor P. but the Flying Spaghetti Monster is definitely one of my top dubstep tracks.

Fun fact for those who don’t know. There is a legit religion that sees a Flying Spaghetti Monster as their deity and it’s called Pastafarianism.

What’s your favorite dubstep song?

Photo is from Your EDM