Guys and gals need to drink once in a while! But there are some drinking places that are best be avoided especially when you’re in a relationship!

Be it school or work, when the workload keeps piling up, we need some time to chill! And what’s the best way to spend the night out with your friends? Of course, drinking! Nothing’s better than to drown our stress with all the alcohol available in town. Even those peeps who are in a relationship shouldn’t miss the happy hour fun too!

But the thing is, for those who are in a relationship, they better be extra careful during night outs. Things can get extra messy and one mistake can cause you hella trouble with your significant other. So here’s a list of drinking places to avoid if you’re in a relationship, hun!


One of the best places for sure, Sherwood in Taft brings back lots of memories. Whether it’s Happy Thursday or not, drinking in The Bourne never gets better. Not only the booze but also the variety of people you’ll get to meet there. And that’s a lot of students coming from all over around the Taft area. So if you’re a bad drinker, I suggest you hop along the other way because you’re significant other won’t like the idea of you drinking here. There’s too much of everything. Too much booze, too much people, too much skin and too many hormones. Just don’t.

Core Nightclub

Speaking of hormones, you’d definitely find raging hormones at a lot of nightclubs. Being the heart of the nightlife in the Metro, clubs aren’t something new to everyone. And Core Nightclub is just one of them. It’s not just your typical club. Because things can get real wild at Core. And when I mean, wild, I mean like real wild. So you might wanna skip this one. Because you might not wanna know what people do when they get drunk here.

Roof Manila

Two words: Hormones. Galore. Not that it matters, but it does! It might seem like a chill place and all. But Roof can be chaotic as it can be. To be perfectly honest, if you’re a working person and you’d find yourself strutting the streets near the University of Santo Tomas, you’d be glad to skip this place. It can be full of underage students and that’s not a line that you’d want to cross, am I right? It’s a no from me!

PS Bar and Resto

Sure, it sounds chill or whatevaaaah. To be honest, the whole area looks pretty chill to me. But once it gets late and the alcohol kicks in, people get a tad bit crazy. Strangers would literally try to talk to you, try to hit on you and stuff. Flattering as it sounds but as someone who’s in a relationship, we’d want ourselves off the radar, right? And since it’s near universities, schools, and big-ass companies, you’d get a variety of people ready to hook-up for the night. You won’t know it but that’s a big red flag you got there.

Black Market

It might sound sketchy, having the best underground night club vibes. And it is! The whole club bounces with energy and so do the people inside. It’s great for everyone. But if you’re going alone with your bros or galfriends, you might want to skip this one out. You’re significant other might not love the idea of you being in a night club where strangers would just grind on you. Skin to skin, if I must say so. That’s one big no-no, everyone!

Early Night

BGC might sound classy and would give off the impression that you’ll be surrounded by adults who won’t look your way. But tuck that thought at the back of your mind if you’ll be heading off to Early Night. As a matter of fact, don’t go at all if you’re not single and ready to let loose! Because as cringy as it may sound, but people here can be quite aggressive. Waist grabbing and constantly hitting upon you, you’ll just get pissed off when you’re committed or simply uninterested. It’s surrounded by very wild and young peeps. Yikes!


If you know this famous drinking spot at Katipunan, then you already know why you should avoid it when you’re in a relationship. Walrus, to college students, is definitely the go-to when you want to be wild and get passed out drunk. I even know a lot of people who consider this bar to be the place to be at when you’re looking for “momol”. Eek! You don’t wanna be at the “hormones party” when your babe is not with you, right?

There’s a lot of places to choose from. Either you’re bar hopping or club hopping. But if you’re in a relationship and want to keep things cool with your guy or girl, then be extra careful in choosing where to go. Sure, it’s fine to go chill and have fun once in a while but we need to keep in mind that we aren’t single anymore. And our actions can definitely affect the person we treasure the most. Be wise, y’all!