Is living in the present hard for you, in a sense that you believe your happiness lies in the future?

Destination Addiction is being preoccupied with the idea that happiness is not where you are at the moment but rather in the next job, the next place, the next relationship– it’s in the future. Everything you do is devoted to that promotion, that new apartment, the idea that your next partner will be the one to make you a better person– that you fail to notice what you have. You’re always on the go, aiming to get through the day instead of seizing the day.

If these situations strike a chord inside you because you’re experiencing them yourself, then you’re struggling with “Destination Addiction”, and you’re not in a good place.

You might be thinking: is it wrong to have goals and ambitions? Of course, not. 

But the thing is, if you focus too much on achieving them rather than the process you take to get there, you could be missing out on a lot of very important things in front of you. The blessings, the good relationships you have, you may fail to appreciate them because your eyes are fixed in the future.

Another thing is, you never really get there. That future place, that future bliss– it’s all an illusion. You never arrive at a certain somewhere. So that puts you in a nonstop pursuit of happiness. As you go on chasing the illusion, it only leaves you feeling dissatisfied or unhappy.

So, how about we try to break out of this addiction?

“Being at peace with your life begins with zeroing in on the present and making an effort to be more content with your circumstances.”

Take this time to stop, look around you, and ask yourself: what brings me joy at this very moment? It may take a while but the path to being truly at peace is when you start to acknowledge what’s in front of you and feel grateful for what makes life good in the now. To help yourself, create a gratitude list. List down all the lessons you’re learning, all the good people you have now, all the things that bring you joy whether it’s as small as the air you breathe or as grand as your fulfilling career.

Slow down. Take it easy. There’s no golden pot that awaits you at the end of the rainbow, so better to savor the moment, appreciate that rainbow while it’s there.

Do you also suffer from ‘Destination Addiction’?


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