LIFESTYLE: Ditch Grab for a new taxi-hailing app!

Owto is the newest hip and affordable taxi-hailing app in town and it’s definitely here to stay!

With all the traffic in the Metro, everyone’s down to make their transportation a little bit easier. And for the past year, Grab managed to monopolize the taxi-hailing app competition in the Metro, if not, the whole country. But fighting the monopoly, in order to provide better service is Owto.

Owto is a transport network vehicle service (TNVS) company, just like Grab and Uber. Owned and operated by iPARA Technologies and Solutions, Inc., the Philippine-based company specializes in transport innovations. Similar to Grab, they aim to provide a much more convenient, affordable and safer means of travel for everyone.

By Filipinos for Filipinos

It’s actually inspired by the Filipino slang word, “awto”, which means vehicle or car. The company prides itself for prioritizing the needs of the Filipinos and help improve the situation of transportation in Metro Manila. And hopefully, in the whole country as well.

With their core values, “Fair. Safe. Filipino”, the Filipino-owned company believes that we can stop capitalism and monopoly lurking in the TNVS industry. Truth to be told, it’s been hard for them starting up the company. But because of the issues both drivers and riders experience with other taxi-hailing apps, they think that it’s time to step up. It’s not just about the money, it’s about making transportation, safe and affordable to the Filipinos out there.

Affordability and convenience

At the same time, Owto boasts about its lower fares compared to its competitors. True to their word, some Owto users have to show proof of how large the difference of the fare is, compared with Grab. In the same way like other taxi-hailing apps, Owto allows the users to book a solo ride, a shared ride or a bigger vehicle for groups of 6 or more.

Moreover, Owto takes it to the next level when it comes to safety. And that goes for both the drivers and the riders themselves. For the drivers, they have a “Distress Button” that the drivers can activate if they are in danger. It sends a message to Owto command center who will respond to help.

As for the riders, they can obtain actual video footages of their whole ride with the drivers. Owto imposes that the camera of Owto driver’s phone must be on during the ride. It should also be located in the dashboard to get a perfect view of the ride. In case that the rider wants to submit a complaint, they can obtain the footage and send it to Owto for investigation. In that way, both the rider and driver can be on fairgrounds when the investigation starts.

Not to mention, their push notifications are witty as hell! So if you still haven’t tried it, you better check out Owto and see it for yourselves! Tell us what you think by sending us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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