I guess we can’t celebrate Halloween this year by going to a horror house…

Horror houses during this season are one of the famous go to places of many. Halloween is on its way and we’re going to celebrate things a little differently this year with all the restrictions given to us. It means no costume parties, no treat or tricking, and no visiting amusement places such as horror houses and escape maze.

Going to horror houses has been a trend for some time now. People pay a good amount of money to scream and just have fun with friends, maybe even get a chance to hug their crush as the actors scare the hell out of your group. And with its trend, different types of people go and enjoy the experience. And maybe even made our Halloween experience fun because of them. But here are some types of people who go into a horror house.


The Spartan

These people are the brave members of the group. They don’t feel scared and just shake their shoulder off when someone shocks them. They walk through the whole place like it’s nothing. Spartans are also sometimes the annoying member of the group because they suck all the fun out of this experience. They mock those people who feel scared during the walkthrough. Why even pay if you won’t try to enjoy the experience, right?


The Shield

The kuya and ate of the group. They just protect their friends like they are in a war. They use their bodies as a shield and cover their friends from the evil that this experience brings. These people were raised to protect those who are in need. They comfort their friends and check to see if they are still safe from a heart attack or something. These are the type of people you want with you during a zombie apocalypse, they’d probably protect you when a zombie chases you. Or probably not.


The Ali

These people are a violent, hurtful, and painful friend to be with when in a horror house. They are those who grab on their friend’s arm even without entering the horror house. They like sticking to the punching bag of the group. Or basically, the person who is at the receiving end of their slap, shirt wrecking, arm tearing, head-smacking abuses of the grabber. They are equipped with heavy hands that just hits you like a volleyball. You should not in any way stick to this member of the group or else you’ll just have body aches after.


The Soprano

The Mariah Carey of the group. They just scream throughout the experience and freak out from anything. They just hit those right notes whenever someone scares them. Their favorite song to sing in karaoke is Mariah Carey’s Emotions. They just hit those whistle notes. They are also those who get the most out of their money for being scared the whole time. If you ever walk beside this person, you better protect your ear from their ear wrecking high notes.


The Blessed

Have you ever met a person who is so blessed that their life goes everything according to plan? Yup. They are blessed. They plan on going out to a horror house and invites their crush and they go. And the best part is that they get to walk together. Once entering the horror house, the blessed transforms into two types, the shield I mean who wouldn’t grab the opportunity to protect their crush and show them that they are going to protect them. Or the punching bag for the Ali. They just take those hits and the harder the Ali hits, the harder they fall for them. One lucky fella.


What type of horror house person are you?

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