Yesterday, a discourse about Filipino children and parenting took place on Twitter.

We can’t deny that Filipino family values are a lot different than those of our other Asian neighbors and of the West. Here, there are a lot of strict parenting rules because of the conservative society that we were brought up in.

However, another topic that isn’t explicitly discussed a lot is providing financial support by a child to his/her parents. Yesterday, a discourse about this happened after someone tweeted about how children are not their parents’ investment or insurance plan.

To understand more about that Twitter user’s perspective on that statement, read that tweet thread here.

The discussion

Because the topic is a little sensitive, Twitter users gave of different reactions as well. Some are saying that the original statement is true while others reacted negatively – some even going far as to assume that the one who tweeted weren’t fully loved by her parents.

Here are some tweets disagreeing with the statement.


To be frank, we agree with the original statement about how parents are not supposed to make their children retirement plans. As someone who grew up with strict parents and with friends who had them, I firsthand witnessed how some parents really had this thinking.

We get the thought of giving back to them because of all the sacrifices that they had done. However, children shouldn’t be OBLIGED to. Some state that they really want to give back because of the love that they have received, but we all have our different circumstances.

Undeniably, in this third-world country, a lot of children are suffering and giving up their dreams because of this. We are not saying that it is inherently bad for parents to want their children to give back, but it should primarily come from the child. Parents shouldn’t force their children to help.

That’s our opinion, but we are looking forward to your comments regarding this discussion too! Feel free to share with us what you thought of this topic by commenting down below! Or simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.