The movie had a crazy rich opening internationally, and for Crazy Rich Asians Philippines, it starts showing today!

A lot of people have been waiting for this premiere, and Filipinos have been all-in in the craziness of it all. It’s has definitely been Crazy Rich Asians Philippines!

From noticing how crazy Filipino celebrity Kris Aquino’s photo looks on the cast list of the movie:

To looking up which Filipino actor you’ll see playing a main character in the movie:

The Filipinos have gone crazy for this new all-Asian film!

But what’s one of the craziest things in this whole Asian fiasco is in the music—the OST.

For this movie, a Coldplay favorite was translated into Mandarin! How Crazy Asian can you get more than that?

This Coldplay song is none other than their 2000 breakthrough single, Yellow. And yes, the song’s title gives the connotation of a racist term. Asians are sometimes called ‘yellow’ because of the color of their skin. But director Jon M. Chu, says that this was, in fact, intentional. He even adds that “We’re going to own that term.”

At first, Coldplay denied the request for the song to be used for the film. This is most likely because they’ve been criticized for appropriating Asian culture in previous films like the 2012 “Princess of China” and 2016 “Hymn for the Weekend”. They might have wanted to play it safe this time for Crazy Rich Asians.

But Director Jon M. Chu was persistent in getting them to lend their song for the movie. He told the members of the band that “[The word ‘yellow’] has always had a negative connotation in my life … until I heard your song.” And who can say no to that?

You can listen to the Crazy Rich Asians OST – Mandarin version of Coldplay’s Yellow here.

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