From basketball shoes to a fashion statement, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars never seem to go out of style. No one is immune to the comfortability and durability of the sneakers—not even our favorite musicians. Let’s take a quick look on the evergreen relationship between musicians and their beloved Chuck Taylors.

The Clash (1977 – 1986)

Many consider British punk co-pioneers The Clash as one of the greatest artists of all time. They stuck around for a good decade before finally calling it quits but even 40 years later, their musical influence continue to shape the industry. Music critic Sean Egan notes, “They were a group whose music was, and is, special to their audience because that music insisted on addressing the conditions of poverty, petty injustice, and mundane life experienced by the people who bought their records.” To honor the band, Converse released special The Clash edition pairs last year.

The Clash live wearing Chuck Taylors

Joe Strummer of The Clash performing with Chuck Taylors

Nirvana (1989 – 1994)

It’s no secret that the late Kurt Cobain favored wearing Chuck Taylors. By the time Nirvana released their sophomore album “Nevermind,” a majority of live and press photos of the band had Cobain sporting his favorite black low cut Chucks with writing etched on the toe caps. If you were to ask today’s youth, they consider Cobain’s Chucks/ripped jeans/greasy hair look as inspiration for their grunge sense of fashion.

Nirvana wearing Chuck Taylors

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in Chuck Taylors

Green Day (1990 – Present)

Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre have been sporting Chuck Taylors as far as we can remember. Their music video for “When I Come Around” in 1994 shows all three members wearing the same black low cut pair, and over the years, continuously showed support for the brand; promotional shots for their 2009 album “21st Century Breakdown” has the band in different pairs. Tre also seems to enjoy drumming with a pair of high tops on. Special “Dookie” and  Chuck Taylors are up for grabs.

Green Day wearing Chuck Taylors

Green Day wearing Chuck Taylors in their music video for When I Come Around

The Stokes (2001 – Present)

In an interview with SPIN, The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. credits Chuck Taylors as the footwear that let people know they’re in a band. Vocalist Julian Casablancas even collaborated with Santigold and N.E.R.D. for “My Drive Thru” in celebration of Converse’s centennial anniversary in 2008. So if I constantly wear Chucks, will people start thinking I’m in a band too?

Julian Casblancas, Santigold, and Pharrell Williams for Converse

The Strokes wearing Chuck Taylors

Lana Del Rey (2010 – Present)

Our favorite melancholy (not anymore really, check out her newest album “Lust for Life”) queen Lana Del Rey can match nearly anything she wears with Chuck Taylors. She even wore a pair in her music video for “Born to Die.” I feel like she could wear a dress from the 1960s, match the dress with low cut Chucks, and she would still look perfect.
Lana Del Rey wearing Chuck Taylors

Lana Del Rey wearing Chuck Taylors

If I were to rank my footwear, my Chuck Taylors are definitely on top beside my Dr. Martens. With sneakers that never go out of style, what more can you ask for?

Photos from The Chucks Connection and Pinterest