Yesterday, September 29, is National Coffee Day! So all you coffee lovers out there, don’t hesitate to still consume your favorite beverage today.

Why today, you ask? Last September 26, Tim Hortons announced their special promo for National Coffee Day by inviting customers to buy coffee and get a 50% discount on their second cup. Unfortunately, yesterday was the last day for that discount promo.

However, this day still counts as a celebration because here at U Do U, we drink coffee every single day. So today September 30, the last day of the month, we want to celebrate in our very own way by sharing with you a special list.

Because we know you want affordable and accessible coffee options, today we are bringing you the best instant or 3-in-1 coffee here in the Philippines!

The superb San Mig Super Coffee

Our personal favorites: OriginalBarako, Sugar Free

Original San Mig

  1. San Mig Super Coffee Original — we kid you not when we say that this is our ultimate favorite. The taste is simple, but really wonderful. It is also really cheap, but still undeniably holds the classic taste of coffee. Honestly, mornings are a lot better with a cup of this!
  2. San Mig Super Coffee Barako — if you want a stronger coffee taste, this is the choice for you! It also really tastes a bit like freshly brewed barako coffee.
  3. San Mig Super Coffee Sugar Free — want to stay safe from diabetes? This is for you! Wonderful how coffee can adjust to our needs too.

You can never go wrong with Nescafé

Our personal favorites: Creamy LatteCreamy White,Berry Mocha

Nescafé Creamy Latte

  1. Nescafé Creamy Latte — this is another favorite when it comes to coffee in sachets. The creamy proportion of milk and coffee is just heavenly! This is best when cold and topped with ice.
  2. Nescafé Creamy White — it is creamy and it is really good! What else can we say about it?
  3. Nescafé Berry Mocha — if you want a touch of fruity goodness in your coffee, try this one. Berry Mocha is honestly also really good because of how well the two flavors compliment each other.

Own your coffee with Kopiko

Our personal favorites: LA CoffeeBrownKopiko 78C

Kopiko LA Coffee

Kopiko LA Coffee — this coffee is great because it contains low acid, so you have less chances of hyperacidity attacks. But hey, if you do experience those, we think you should lessen your coffee intake for now. If you want to still consume a little bit though, this 3-in-1 coffee is the best option for you.

Kopiko Brown — this is good coffee right here! Just taste it and let the flavor explain itself to you. We just want to say one thing about it though – its aroma is out of this world!

Kopiko 78C — famous among college students in need of that caffeine boost, this bottled drink does its job really well. This is available everywhere!

When in doubt, drink City Blends

No time to prepare your own coffee and in a rush to get your daily dose of caffeine? Worry no more! If you aren’t aware (which is least probable because they are everywhere), 7-Eleven has their own line of coffee drinks under the brand City Blends. They offer a variety of flavors, and they are all really good!

Moreover, the smell of brewed coffee from legit coffee beans are divine! Tbh, a lot better than McDonald’s coffee too. Not to mention, these are all really affordable and won’t leave a hole gaping in your wallet.

Our personal favorites: MochaccinoFrench VanillaIced Coffee

City Blends coffee

The various sizes of City Blends / 7-Eleven Coffee

  1. City Blends’ Mochaccino — the taste of this one is a little stronger than what we prefer, but still good nonetheless! Just make sure to give your drink a good shake to ensure that the coffee is mixed properly.
  2. City Blends’ Iced Coffee — this is 7-Eleven’s very own iced drink. We wouldn’t say that it is on par with McDo’s, because it is better. When it comes out from the machine, the hot coffee melts the ice evenly and doesn’t leave your drink almost tasteless. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are honestly missing out!
  3. City Blends’ French Vanilla — for us, this is the best one because of its complex but amazing flavor. Unlike other brands, when they say the flavor is french vanilla, the taste is really french vanilla. It is just really amazing. The drink comes out hot from the machine but we recommend that you try it iced. How?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Bring your own tumbler beforehand.
  2. Get your City Blends cup filled with French Vanilla.
  3. Pay for it at the cashier and ask permission to get some ice for your tumbler.
  4. Use your tumbler to catch some ice from the Gulp machine.
  5. Pour the coffee from the cup into your tumbler and mix.
  6. Enjoy your Iced French Vanilla!

Did you see your favorite instant coffee here? What else do you want to include here? Let us know through the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.