You’re finally getting that diploma. This calls for a celebration!

We can already hear the graduation march! After all the hard work you spent trying to get through high school (or college), your graduation is something you should totally celebrate. It is a milestone in your life that leads you to a new chapter of your journey. If you just graduated from high school, you will now enter the gates of college and that’s an achievement you should be proud of!

If you just graduated from college, well, congratulations! You are now a part of the labor force and is not officially called an “adult” (in all the sense that the word entails). Nonetheless, graduation celebrations should be as special and should be emblematic of all the work you spent into finishing your studies because we all deserve it! But how? For you, we’ve listed down what we think are fun ways to celebrate your graduation!

Host a Potluck

Potlucks are a very common thing to do when we graduate here in the Philippines. This is where our parents call all our titas, titos, cousins and other close relatives to celebrate with you on your graduation day. Potlucks are a big thing because you can have a conversation while eating together around a table, and let me tell you that stories told around the best people while eating are always the best! It may be a good time to be all out and tell stories about things that happened when you were still in school that you feel a bit embarrassed to talk about on a normal day, it makes the dinner more fun! Imagine all the laughter and good food shared in potlucks.

You can invite your friends over, too! In my experience, most of them said no because we were all celebrating with our own families. If ever you’re to host your own potluck then invite us over! We’d love to eat your mom’s lumpia (lol).

Eat Out

Sometimes graduation ceremonies can end late, and if no one’s left at home to cook then you can skip the hassle and eat out! Try a place you’ve never eaten at before. For these kinds of celebrations, it never hurts to go a little extra! It’s your day! However, you can still pick your family’s go-to restaurant for a familiar touch. After eating, you can go someplace else with your family and just wander around before heading home.


This one is my favorite because it’s how I celebrated my own graduation. And it was so fun! My mom let me have some drinks because she says I’m in the right age now *touches mustache*.

We were just in a booth with a few friends and my sister, and we were singing at the top of our lungs, not caring if we were out of tune. I mean, it’s my graduation day after all. I think, may it be simple celebrations or big ones, you can never go wrong with karaoke. Filipinos are very fond of music! You can also have good food and plenty of catching-up conversations while you’re at it. Good times, good laughs.

Plan a trip

Chances are, you’ve put aside a lot of traveling to focus on your studies. Well, now would be a good time to reward yourself with an out-of-town trip! Lucky you if your family had already planned one for you, but if not, you can always get their consent and plan one for the family! Choose a place that you guys can agree upon so all of you can have a good time.

We think that however you want your graduation celebration to go, the best way would be to spend it with your family a.k.a. the people who helped you get a good education. These are the people who might be happier than you when you graduate! And they’ve been there for you ever since, so spending this day with them makes it extra special. How do you plan on celebrating your graduation day? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh! Congratulations!