Little do people know that one man behind the successful Snapchat app has Filipino roots. Filipino-American Bobby Murphy is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of the famous Snapchat company, which recently went public putting the valuation at $28 billion. That’s worth more than a whopping 1.4 billion pesos for an app.

Snapchat is famously known for its “snaps” or “snapchat stories” that are often used for sharing selfies with dog and coachella filters. You can also use Snapchat for sharing short videos or stills of your favorite local artists’ gig.

Here are 6 things you should know about the Fil-Am that made Snapchat possible.

1. Murphy was a good Catholic boy

Staying true to his Filipino roots, Murphy actually studied at Catholic schools in the United States before getting to Stanford for his college degree. Seeing as the Philippines is mostly a Christian country, that isn’t a surprising fact at all. Murphy went to School of the Madeleine during his elementary years and Saint Mary’s College High School. There isn’t any story of Murphy committing any crime or misdemeanor, at least not that the Internet knows of.

2. Murphy’s Filipino blood comes from his mother’s side


The Filipino half of Murphy is thanks to his mother who moved to the U.S. and went on to become a state employee as a lawyer in California. In photos of Evan Spiegel and Murphy together, you can see some physical Filipino traits. Murphy’s father is also a lawyer and a state employee in California. It’s interesting to know that Murphy did not follow the same career path as his parents. Following our parent’s wishes for a career is a common case among us Filipinos.

3. Murphy finished his degree while Spiegel did not.

Unfortunately for those who think dropping out of school is a wise career move, Bobby Murphy finished his studies in Stanford. He went for a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical and Computational Science degree. See? It always pays to stay in school, kids.

4. Murphy partied hard, but worked even harder.

Bobby Murphy actually stuck around until the end of their frat parties to clean up after Spiegel and friends. If that isn’t the definition a true friend, then I don’t know what is. Still, Murphy managed to code reportedly 18 hours a day to build Snapchat. Even today, the Fil-Am software developer is to be thanked for the app’s constant updates and features.

5. Murphy appeared on TV just once.

Unlike Steve Wozniak and other tech big shots, Murphy only appeared once on television as of this writing. It was an episode on “The Colbert Report”. You can watch the clip here.

6. Murphy is a ghost on social media.

Ironically, Bobby Murphy doesn’t have a lot of presence on social media despite being the co-founder of Snapchat. He does have a public Twitter account (@helloboby) with more than 3,400 followers despite not posting a single tweet.

You can learn a thing or two from Bobby Murphy’s success. Stay in school. Persevere. Don’t forget to party. Go to a gig with your friends once in awhile.

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