In case you didn’t know, it is currently AuGHOST month. But its not all about people and their “ghosting” habit. Keep on reading if you want to know more!

Yes, you heard it! August is AuGhost Month but it’s not exactly about the “ghosting” trend you’ve been hearing about.

Chinese tradition observes that every year on the first day of the seventh lunar month, the gates of hell will open. This phenomenon is happening on the Ghost Month or Hungry Ghost.

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Spirits from hell this year are believed to walk among us and cause mischief from August 1 until August 29. Folklore tells that Hungry Ghosts are those who died in a tragic death such as suicide, murder, or rape. They are also called “hungry” because they are driven by an intense emotional need about something they left in their previous life.

In order to make them happy, the tradition of offering burning paper copies of objects they might want in the afterlife such as money, watches, pieces of jewelry, clothes, cars. Basic offerings such as food and drinks are also made. And if the souls are happy with your gifts, they will give you in exchange, fortune and good luck.

Spirits are believed to be much stronger on August 15 so keep in check and be extra careful! This time is also called the Hungry Ghost Festival but don’t be fooled by its name since this is also a time to celebrate and to honor dead ancestors and relatives, much like All Soul’s Day.

Do’s and Dont’s

To prevent bad luck from happening this month, here are some tips:

During the Ghost Month, don’t go out at night, this means avoid working overtime or any extra-curricular activities that might require you to go home late. Weak persons such as children and elders are also more prone to being attacked by evil spirits.

You should also be wary of anything business-related this month such as buying cars and houses, signing contracts, and hiring new people since it may deem ignorant to the death of the souls. Couples should avoid weddings to prevent separation or future problems with your partner.

If you really want to avoid bad luck, bring spirit-driving items like amulets, prayer beads, coarse salt, and glutinous rice.

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Don’t worry though, you can still invite good luck even if it is AuGhost Month. Feng shui experts suggest to wear lots of red and to make incense offering to appease the evil spirits.

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