Are you brokenhearted? Do your friends tell you that you need to move on? Did you know that you can actually use technology to help you?

Here are our recommended apps for moving on. Let’s go through them step-by-step and by the usual post-breakup phases.

Stuck at Home Phase

When your SO dumps you, you’ll find going out can be such a drag. You’d rather stay home, curl up in your bed and cry yourself to sleep. You’re thinking that you can miss a couple of gym days to “recover” but we all know that’s just an excuse.



Did you know you can do Netflix and chill by yourself? A small disclaimer though: this doesn’t work if you and your ex usually do this together.

Distract yourself by binge watching that show your SO didn’t want to watch in the first place. Hey, “Iron Fist” is out. If you’re really feeling sad about life in general, maybe you can watch the third season of “Bojack Horseman.” That show has a lot of harsh realities for an animated series.

If you’re into local shows and movies, you may want to try out Iflix. Relive Popoy and Basha’s moment again in “One More Chance”.



Let’s be frank. You can’t keep that feelings bottled up especially if the breakup is still fresh. If you’re going to cry in your bed or beside the window, why not go the extra mile and play some senti music?

Go find some sentimental music playlists on Spotify and cry your heart out. My personal favorite OPM senti song is “Pwede Ba” by Soapdish.

“At ‘wag kang magtataka

Kung ako’y biglang makita

Na nag-iisa..nakahiga lang sa kama

Iniisip ko ito,

“ba’t nga ba biglang nagbago?..”

Makayanan ko sana ‘to.”

Let it all out. Crying is for everyone, even if you’re a guy. Take the time to process your feelings and reminisce. Do all of those things guys and girls usually do in your favorite music videos.

Google Keep (or any other note/journal app)

Google Keep

One common mistake for those who have been dumped is to pour their heart out to their SOs. I can tell you by experience that this does not definitely work. It’s either too late or just plain too creepy.

I found that it definitely helps to write out your feelings. This way, you won’t feel as stupid because nobody won’t be able to read them. Writing can be your outlet for your feelings.

Later, you can go back and read them. Weeks from now, you may find your sad feelings today to be actually cringeworthy. Still, it’s good that you can let it all out without hurting yourself. Google Keep, Quickmemo or Evernote can be good choices.

Food Panda (or any other delivery apps)

Don’t want to go out yet but starving? Go to the Google Play or Apple’s App Store and enter your favorite fastfood. They may have an app for deliveries. For the lazy people, there’s Food Panda.

Food Panda allows you to choose from your favorite restaurants nearby and have your food delivered to you. You can still eat your favorite Sisig dish from Gerry’s Grill or chow down on a Halo Halo Special from Icebergs without going out.

You Need to Go Out Phase

After spending a day or two on your sweats and letting all the feels out in your room, you might finally realize that you may actually need to start going out. You’ve already missed three gym sessions. For guys, you might be losing your hard-earned gains. For girls, your well-toned behind may start to sag. You might want to put down the Cheetos now.

Stronglifts 5×5 (or any other fitness exercise app)

Strong Lifts

If you are serious about getting fit, you can use fitness apps to help track your progress. You may want to finally get those six-pack abs or that “Daammn” ass. No matter what path you take, one goal is clear: you will be better-looking the next time you two cross paths again.

But let me be clear, you are doing this for YOU, not for HIM or HER. You need to move on. The endorphins released from exercising will also help you to feel good and process your thoughts better. If you can lift heavy, you can also lift your feelings and drop them off a metaphorical 100-foot cliff.

MyFitness Pal (or any other diet/calorie counting app)

MyFitness Pal

Exercise is often not enough for a fit body. Calorie counting apps can help you keep track of what you are eating.

You’ll see that all of those nights eating at expensive restaurants are costly both to your health and your wallet. Trust me, you’ll start to appreciate being single.

SongKick (or any other events app)

SongKick - Apps for Events

So you got your body fitness in check, what’s next? No, you don’t call or text your ex to flaunt what you got. That’s the complete opposite of moving on.

You need to go out and enjoy yourself. Maybe you can finally afford that concert you’ve been wanting to go but can’t because of date expenses. SongKick and other events app can help you find gigs and happenings near your area. Who knows, the next “the one” is just around the corner.

If you want to improve yourself even more career-wise, Eventbrite can be your app. It features events that are mostly career-oriented. They feature workshops that can help you improve your craft even more.

Tinder (or any other dating app)


I deliberately put Tinder and other dating apps last in the list because I suggest you only use them while you are more or less 50% done with moving on. If you start with this, you’ll only think that no amount of dates or hookups will ever fill the void your SO left you with.

You need to realize first that he or she is not coming back. You need to realize that it’s okay to love again. You need to realize that it isn’t the end of the world.

Sure, he or she knew you intimately for 4 years and more. But get this, the next one can and might give you 10 years or more. If they deserve to be happy, you deserve to be happier.

These apps can only help you to move on only if you are ready to do so. The decision still rests with you.

Article written by Lord Marin.