That gig door charge is not expensive compared to the international concerts you go to. No, the gig venue is not that far. And you being friends with the artist doesn’t mean no door charge!

I can’t stress enough the number of people that I know who tries to take advantage of their friends who are in the local scene. One of the best types of individuals are the ones who support their friends no matter what. Especially those who are trying to make a name for themselves in the music scene.

But sadly, I know a lot of people who would only support their artist friends if they get something in return. Well, it is saddening but it’s outright a huge X for me. Why? Let’s give y’all some food for thought.

Take into consideration the artists’ expenses

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I have no idea where you’re getting the idea that your artist friends can pay for your entrance or treat you some beer on their gigs. Because really, money is hard in the music scene especially if they are not under a management. All of their expenses—from music equipment, recording, band studio practice, transportation, and more—comes from their own pockets.

By going to their gigs and cornering them for a free drink because you went is in no way helping them out. You’re just adding up to their expenses when in fact, they are struggling very hard to make themselves and their craft known.

The gig venue is not far, Brenda

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There are instances where I hear some of the artists’ friends that they can’t come to the gig because they claim it’s too far. But 30 minutes to an hour trip is not far, is it? I mean, gig venues are everywhere! And I’m sure there are a lot of opportunities to go to the nearest one but you chose not to instead, right? Sometimes, those people who complain about the distance are also the ones who can spontaneously go to Poblacion from Quezon City at midnight for a night out.

And worse, those who are claiming that the venue is far would even ask for something in return when they finally go to the gigs. Like a bottle of beer or to put them in the guest list so they don’t have to pay for the door charge. All because they had to travel far. Can you hear how bad that sounds?

Php 300 door charge is cheap for what you’re about to experience

Image result for gig gifI have always pushed through Music Experience on what kind of an amazing night gig-goers have. The intimate set-up, the chance to meet your artists, and great local music throughout the night. And that is all for a give or take Php 300 door charge! What are these qualms I never stop hearing about how expensive gigs are that’s why they don’t go? I mean sure, money is money and every peso counts. But what good is that reason if you don’t hesitate on buying that ticket for an international act worth thousands?

If you really don’t have money to spend on gigs, I’m sure your artist friend would understand and there are other ways to support them. But sweetheart, if you’re just being cheap and merely don’t wanna waste money on “supporting” your friends, should you really consider calling yourself their friend? Especially when you only reach out because they are part of a lineup in which your favorite artist is the headliner…. And you think you could snag a free entrance from them! *Shame shame shame!*

Support your artist friend!

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Always, always support your friends. Especially those musicians who are starting out because they truly need you. When they are just in square one of their career, they have to endure unpaid gigs and gig places without any attendees. But if you’re gonna be there, in that empty spot in front of the stage, you have no idea how much it would mean to them. Don’t be their friend and not support them in the beginning and have the audacity to tell everyone you’re close when they are already famous.

Be there when they’re still no one. Cheer for them, share their songs, attend their gigs! You have no idea how fulfilling it is when you finally see them in packed venues playing their hearts out with gig-goers singing along to their music. Don’t ask for anything in return—because being friends with the artist really doesn’t mean no door charge at gigs.

Are you still going to be that “friend” who’ll go to gigs and request no door charge special card? Y’all better have learned something and tell us your thoughts by sending us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!