Vice Cosmetics and BT21 are officially collaborating!

Looks like you’ll be seeing Tata, Koya, RJ, Mang, Chimmy, Shooky, Cooky, Van, and Vice Ganda? Yep, BT21 and Vice Ganda Cosmetics are officially collaborating!

Where are all my makeup-loving chingus? You can all officially lose it! Because BT21 is officially collaborating with Vice Ganda Cosmetics! Yep, we can finally have some local BT21 merchandise and its makeup! That’s like hitting two birds with one stone! It all started when the official Vice Ganda Cosmetics Instagram page posted these photo teasers:

At first, people speculated that they’ll be releasing a new eyeshadow palette. And then they posted this:

This really got people talking. A four-letter word, huh? A lot of people were commenting “eyes,” because of the previous post that looked like a palette. But some also commented “skin,” thinking maybe they’ll be releasing a new skincare line. But surprise, surprise!

So that’s why the colourway of that palette was like that. It’s based on the colours of BT21 characters! Needless to say that people are excited for this new collaboration between Vice Ganda cosmetics and BT21.


GB Eye

Just to let you know, BT21 are characters that were created by LINE FRIENDS and BTS. With each of the eight characters that serve as a sort of mascot for each of the members of BTS. And interestingly they also have an origin story of their own. Here watch this:

Although BT21 isn’t new to collaborating with makeup brands. As they’ve collaborated with big-name makeup brands before like Innisfree, Olive Young, and VT Cosmetics. But this is the first time that they’ll be collaborating with a Filipino brand! So we’re very excited and proud!

So it looks we’ll be encircling October 10th on our calendars. And so should you, because that’s the official launch date of Vice Ganda’s new makeup line. We’re just so excited for what the packaging will look like! After all, Vice Ganda Cosmetics sports a hot pink brand. While BT21 is mostly composed of soft pastel colours.

Are you excited for the official collaboration of BT21 and Vice Ganda Cosmetics? What do you think they’ll come up with? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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