Wondering what’s the best makeup to use and wanna know some hacks? Luckily, we have our beauty bloggers to help us out! And to make life even easier, here are the top 20 beauty bloggers in the PH you so need to know!

Filipinas (and Filipinos) have always been huge on beauty products that is why they are always on the lookout for the best beauty merchandise in the market. That’s why we’re so lucky to have beauty bloggers/influencers now to help us pick out the best among the rest.

The beauty industry in the PH is continuously growing and more beauty bloggers are emerging. So to help our Filipina and Filipino beauty lovers, we narrowed down Top 20 beauty bloggers in the PH so you may know who to turn to in terms of beauty tips.

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20. The Touch Of Yellow

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The Touch of Yellow is a beauty and lifestyle blog that is owned by Mhisha Cuyson, a vibrant girl who has a peculiar obsession over toners, red lipsticks, and cheddar cheese. Visit her website The Touch of Yellow now!


    • Instagram : 1383
    • Twitter : 1102
    • Facebook : 2443 likes / 2399 follows
    • Youtube : 2 subscribers / 1,861 views

19. Couchwasabi

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Jirbie Go is the proud owner of Couchwasabi, she graduated with a degree in Advertising Management from DLSU-Manila. She’s a social media manager and brand ambassadress for multiple products. This animal lover shares about beauty and lifestyle in her blog and other platforms.


    • Instagram : 4272
    • Twitter : 951
    • Facebook : 1338 / 1386
    • Youtube : 1,649 subscribers / 272,221 views

18. My Lucid Intervals

[media-credit name=”My Lucid Intervals Blog” link=”https://www.facebook.com/MyLucidIntervalsBlog/” align=”alignnone” width=”521″][/media-credit]

This badass Blawgger (Blogger + Lawyer) is none other than Donnarence M. Masilungan. She started blogging when she was in law school. Despite her fear of her co-law students judging her, she still pursued sharing her love for makeup online because she believes that the stress of studying shouldn’t make her look haggard. Her website is My Lucid Intervals


    • Instagram : 3761
    • Twitter : 866
    • Facebook : 5973 likes / 5917 follows
    • Youtube : 96 subscribers / 183 views

17. Kimpossibly Gorgeous

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Kim Mendoza is a brave young lady who’s not afraid to take risks. She owns the website Kimpossibly Gorgeous and believes that in any of her endeavors, SHE CAN.


    • Instagram : 19.2k
    • Twitter : 954
    • Facebook : 2,602 like / 2,579
    • Youtube : 3,861 subscribers / 580,572 views

16. The Misty Mom

[media-credit name=”The Misty Mom” link=”http://www.themistymom.com” align=”alignnone” width=”700″][/media-credit]

The gorgeous momma is the woman behind The Misty Momma. Shari Poquiz is a mom of 1. Back in 2012 when she got pregnant she had to resign from her corporate job because she was having severe pregnancy sickness. She found herself bored being stuck at home so she decided to start blogging and so far, it’s been amazing.


    • Instagram : 38.5k
    • Twitter : 1546
    • Facebook : 7791 likes / 7823 follows
    • Youtube : 1,236 subscribers / 91,215 views

15. Kikaysikat

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Kaycee Enerva, a.k.a The Macho Mom is the strong woman behind Kikaysikat. We salute her because despite being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, she still braves the challenges of motherhood and being in the (can be) vicious world of the internet. On her blog she shares about beauty, skincare, reviews, and more.


    • Instagram : 23.6k
    • Twitter : 1238
    • Facebook : 21,108 likes / 21,159 follows
    • Youtube : 3,487 subscribers / 567,699 views

14. Jessica Godinez

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This workaholic stunner vlogs about everything anything makeup related and occasionally random weird stuff. Jessica Godinez has an adorable personality and a sexy voice (We DK where that came from. Probs from the one writing? ;)).


    • Instagram : 23k
    • Twitter : n/a
    • Facebook : 4,621 likes / 4,674 follows
    • Youtube : 35,125 subscribers / 2,610,860 views

13. Doll Up Mari

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Charmaine Dulak is Manila-born and raised but now resides in Wisconsin, USA with her family. Her website is Love, Charmaine. She loves to travel, do DIY projects, and of course makeup!


    • Instagram : 40.6k
    • Twitter : 7149
    • Facebook : 10,058 likes / 9,847 follows
    • Youtube : 208,708 subscribers / 18,676,111 views

11. Kristine Roces

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Kristine Roces a.k.a realasianbeauty, has been vlogging since 2011. She’s passionate about inspiring women to be the best version of themselves. In her vlogs, she shares about beauty, travel, DIYs, nail art, and Kpop.


    • Instagram : 50.7k
    • Twitter : 1,211k
    • Facebook : 23,659 likes / 24,159 follows
    • Youtube : 326,290 subscribers / 52,571,189 views

10. Ana Victorino

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We are on our top 10! Ana Victorino is a self-taught makeup artist who shares her passion on her Youtube channel. This beauty won E! blogger icon of the year back in 2016. Kudos, darling!


    • Instagram : 43.7k
    • Twitter : 10.4k
    • Facebook : 249k likes / 246k follows
    • Youtube : 298,220 subscribers / 10,195,018 views

9. Dani Barretto

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This beautiful lady is the sister of the equally beautiful Julia Barretto. It seems everyone in the family is meant to be in the public eye, only this stunner chose the vlogger’s path. This amazing content creator shares beauty and lifestyle in her platforms.


    • Instagram : 493k
    • Twitter : 47.6k
    • Facebook : n/a
    • Youtube : 63,251 subscribers / 2,682,165 views

8. Camille Co

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Camille Co is a renowned fashion icon in the PH. She was part of 10 Designers to Watch For list back in 2010 and she still looked up to by many PH fashion enthusiast to this day. Aside from being a beauty blogger, she’s also an exceptional fashion stylist, a stunning model, and a talented fashion designer.


    • Instagram : 500k
    • Twitter : 61.4k
    • Facebook : 64,329 likes / 64,570 follows
    • Youtube : 65,622 subscribers / 3,680,897 views

7. Raiza Contawi

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Known for her honest reviews of different brands, Raiza Contawi is one of the most famous beauty vloggers in the PH. Although she received backlashes because of some of her reviews, it didn’t stop her from being genuine and giving contructive criticism.


    • Instagram : 173k
    • Twitter : 41.3k
    • Facebook : 72,430 likes / 73,660 follows
    • Youtube : 421,699 subscribers / 21,778,921 views

6. BeautyKLove

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Keren, compared to the others in this list, focuses more on hair tutorials. We mean, with hair longer than probably our lives we’d do the same. This long-haired maiden’s website is BeautyKLove Blog. She is a professional makeup artist and a successful influencer (she wouldn’t be in this list if she’s not. Duhh!).


    • Instagram : 25.7k
    • Twitter : 2636
    • Facebook : 21,671 likes / 21,577 follows
    • Youtube : 747,228 subscribers / 108,344,696 views

5. Anna Cay

[media-credit name=”Anna Cay” align=”alignnone” width=”400″][/media-credit]

The classy beauty vlogger, Anna Cay starts off our top 5. Besides being a dog lover, Cay is an exceptional makeup artist and influencer. She has an Engineering degree from Mapua Institute of Technology. Despite the issues she’s been involved in, her career continuously flourishes and is one of the best in her field.


    • Instagram : 255k
    • Twitter : 104k
    • Facebook : 133k likes / 138k follows
    • Youtube : 546,498 subscribers / 57,079,355 views

4. Janina Vela

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This bubbly blogger places 4th on our list. Janina Vela has been making videos since 2015. She shares makeup tutorials, lifestyle content, and fun skits on her Youtube channel.


    • Instagram : 364k
    • Twitter : 315k
    • Facebook : 138k likes / 140k follows
    • Youtube : 642,014 subscribers / 44,430,451 views

3. Anne Clutz

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A proud Pinay, beauty enthusiast, and overall an amazing person, Anne Clutz is our 3rd placer on the list. Her contents are all about beauty and lifestyle. Anne loves to interact with her fans and she vlogs daily about her life and family. Checkout her website Anne Clutz now!


    • Instagram : 288k
    • Twitter : 67.5k
    • Facebook : 184k likes / 187k follows
    • Youtube : 756,370 subscribers / 80,530,965 views

2. Michelle Dy

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Despite controversies she’s been involved with, Michelle Dy seems to always find a way to get away from them. The influencer’s career continues to proliferate and remains a top beauty vlogger in the PH.


    • Instagram : 681k
    • Twitter : 648k
    • Facebook : 121k likes / 127k follows
    • Youtube : 1,437,350 subscribers / 150,634,254 views

1. Bretman Rock

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Aloha to the kween! Ranking 1st on our list is none other than Bretman Rock. Yaaaaas. This Hawaii-based internet superstar attracts his audience through his amazing makeup skill and comedic prowess. He definitely is a joy to watch! If you haven’t seen one of his videos you’re missing a lot. lol. Oh btw, he’s recently dropped his new makeup collection. Go check out his Youtube channel and have a blast!


  • Instagram : 10.8m
  • Twitter : 2.48m
  • Facebook : 2.3m likes / 2.3m follows
  • Youtube : 4,503,767 subscribers / 192,212,620 views

Did you foresee our top 1? Did you like our Top 20 Beauty Bloggers in the PH list? Let us know down the comment section below or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Let’s talk makeup!