Beauty meets technology! Nowadays, the easiest way to get your products out there is through the digital space. Internet personalities are one of the stakeholders that you should be prioritizing. Today, we will talk about the beauty industry and beauty bloggers.

Beauty has always been a giant industry but it’s gotten even bigger in recent years (and is expected to grow more). Celebrities started making their own brand of beauty products and more innovations started popping out here and there. Add the technology to that for easier and faster advertising and distribution and the increasing number of beauty aficionados, you have yourself an economical-downturn-resistant powerhouse.

Comes with the expanding industry are more opportunities. Beauty bloggers are the people who fill in the gap between beauty companies and their market in this modern world. So let’s get to know more about the beauty industry and beauty blogging.

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Short History of Beauty Industry

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The beauty industry covers makeup, skin care products, hair products, perfumes, spas, salons and other products and service providers of the like. The existence of beauty products can be traced down to the 2000 B.C or even farther back.

Evidence found that the Africans then used red mineral pigments on their bodies, Egyptians used kohl to achieve their dramatic eyes, Japanese geishas used crushed safflower petals to paint their lips, eyebrows, and their eyes. In the Bible, it was mentioned in the Old Testament that they were using makeup in that era too. Even though people back then were using makeup or body art as a form of ritual and/or markings for social status, it goes to show that we weren’t strangers to the estimated $445 billion industry ever since.

The 1900s

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The industry evolved over the years. Back it the late 1900s, women found the beauty industry as a great opportunity to build careers on. The African-American ladies took to themselves to revolutionize beauty and created a product to change people’s hair textures.

The 1920s, the first foundation by Max Factor was made and Greta Garbo introduced the need for eyebrow pencils and mascaras. Around the same time, people started bleaching their skin in an attempt to lighten their complexion. During the WW1 sunscreens are introduced to protect soldiers’ skin against the sun, also cosmetic surgery started to bloom.

The 60s came and everything went big! Especially when it came to hair. Late 50s makeup trends carried through the 60s and that includes thick black eyeliners and glossy lipsticks.

The 70s was all about embracing the natural look. The 80s and 90s were the eras of the supermodels. Everybody has got to look like a supermodel.

The 2000s

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In the 2000s, tables turned this time because compared to the 19th-century pale skin domination, people in these times preferred a tanner look. Tanning beds/booths always had someone cooking in it. This is because of bronze goddesses like Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna started to take on the spotlight.

Also, mineral makeup started arising, eyeshadows and lipsticks got darker and eyebrows got thinner.

21st Century

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At this point, cosmetic transformations and procedures are no longer unusual. People, even those who are not celebrities, get into the cosmetic changes and gets a little scrutiny compared to the past decades.

In terms of makeup, the thicker the eyebrows the better looking you are, winged-liner are still in, and there are 50 shades of nude lipsticks.

But other than that, digitally pretty is also now a thing. Where people strive to look beautiful on the internet without putting much effort in real life. Social media platforms are booming and almost everybody’s getting a knack of it. There are pros and cons to the digital world that we live in today and I’d like to focus on the positive.

Beauty and Technology

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The rise of technology may have taken its toll on many but we can’t deny how helpful it is in terms of business. With the internet that we can utilize through computers and other portable devices anywhere, we have very easy access to information.

That is why digital marketing became a thing. If your product or service is uploaded in the world wide web you have more chances to be seen compared to the more traditional channels. Of course, due to this worldwide phenomenon, many people took the opportunity to build a career in it. There are IT specialists, digital marketing agencies, and then there are social media influencers.

Beauty Influencers

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It is a blessing and a curse for beauty lines to have a multitude of beauty influencers who are interested in their merchandise. Beauty bloggers (a.k.a beauty gurus, beauty influencers, beauty vloggers) are everything-about-beauty aficionados who share their knowledge on the internet through the platform that they choose (videos, social media sites, or websites). They have people (fans) who look up to them and listen to the content they put up. They have great influence, especially the big ones, which make them a good idea to partner with when promoting a beauty-related product or service.

Beauty gurus are sent PR packages by beauty companies to gain more exposure but some out of curiosity would just get products by themselves. They would test the products or services and give their reviews. Some would always say good things about them and some are brutally honest. It’s a hit or miss when choosing the right beauty influencer to review a product because they have their own preferences as individuals. Either way, it’s still a great way to have your merchandise be seen by a good number of people and to have them curious of what your line is all about.

The beauty industry is indeed an interesting community. I hope that this article about The Beauty industry and Beauty Blogging was helpful for you. If you have comments please do leave them down below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.